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Rhum - Rhum de tradition anglaise (Rum) - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse


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Hampden 2016 LROK The Younger 47°: Description and customer reviews

Hampden 2016 LROK The Younger is a typical example of Jamaican distillery craftsmanship. The LROK (Light Rum Owen Kelly) mark is a Hampden classic, which has been produced since 1952.

It is a distillate with an intermediate concentration for distillation (200 to 400 g esters). This puts it in the category of wedderburns. The spring water used to dilute the molasses is very important, as well as the wild yeasts which are part of the long fermentation process. The distillation is done in a Caribbean double-twisted pot still, typical of this style.

The ageing in bourbon barrels is done entirely at the distillery, in a tropical climate. After 5 years (2016-2021), the share of angels is already 34%, which ensures a nice concentration despite a relatively young age.

In terms of numbers, 314.8 g/hlap of esters and 1567.1 g/hlap of congeners in total were recorded.

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  1. Pascal Gettemans

    good rum

  2. Phil Gringo

    I didn't find this Hampden exceptional. Too young with little power. We get a little bit of fut flavor with banana but it seems artificial. Doesn't taste like a comeback.

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