Ced Ti Arrangés Point G Ananas Victoria 2018 32° Rums

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Iodine - Round


Rhum - Rhum arrangé


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Ced Ti Arrangés Point G Ananas Victoria 2018 32°: Description and customer reviews

The "classic" Ti' arrangé with victoria pineapple (the "flagship" arrangé of Ced's rums) was placed for 2 months (in 2018) in the Millac saltworks, near Pornic in Brittany. The result: iodine notes and a very successful ageing process.

This crazy project had already produced a first version a few years ago. It was a winning bet, because as soon as it was released, the "point G" was out of stock, and for good reason, this arranged rum is quite simply a great delicacy.

For this second version the quantity is very limited and we could only get a few bottles. That's why we have chosen to offer them in one copy per order and per customer. Thank you for your understanding!

Nico's tasting note

The ripeness of the pineapple is impressive at first taste. It is sweet and candied, completely melted in the rum. It is much more than ripe, swollen, fleshy, it crumbles under its own sugar. There is also something vegetal about it, a touch of cane juice or freshly harvested coconut water. Agricultural rum is not far away, like a beach on which these ripe pineapples gently fall.

Time and aeration work well for this arrangement. The pineapple stands out and is concentrated right in front of the nose, pushed by a touch of salt. It is a rum to be crunched, perfectly candied, we will not resist for long to dip our lips in it.

On the palate, we are dealing with an arranged rum with complex flavours, which is already quite exceptional. With a very round attack, it then rises in temperature until it practically cooks the pineapple and extracts its juice. The pineapple looks candied, but is in fact fresh and juicy inside, with a hint of salt to keep it sweet. The rum takes over with a little cane and pepper.

The finish remains on rum and bagasse, before stretching to citrus notes.

"Force of suggestion or not, the salty side gives it a nasty addictive edge..."


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