Marama Fiji Spiced Rum Boxed Set Glass 40

Weight 2,6 kg

70 cl






Boxed set 1 glass


Sweet spices - Round


Spiced or infused rum

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Marama Fiji Spiced Rum Boxed Set 40° Glass : Description and customer reviews

Enjoy Marama Fiji Spiced in a box with this beautiful cocktail glass!

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this spiced rum is very sweet, as evidenced by the veil of vanilla that meets us at the very beginning. The stage is set, it is soft and mellow and intends to charm us with its sweet spicy aromas.

The palate is rather round and sweet, with an explosion of acidic and spicy flakes. The cinnamon is fresh, the nutmeg and the cardamom too. It has a spicy candy or pepper cola taste, perfect for long drinks.

"A sweet and sour spiced rum, which can easily be imagined with a cola or a ginger beer..."


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