Rum Night at La Table du Loup - Paris 12ème - 23 January 2018

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Rum night at La Table du Loup - Paris 12ème - 23 January 2018 : Description and customer reviews

We are hosting a new evening at La Table du Loup, Paris, on Tuesday 23 January 2017 from 6.30pm.

La Table du Loup is a "tapas bar" well known to some rum lovers in Paris. There is a good menu of rums and spirits, and also house-arranged rums. You can, of course, eat there and drop by between each course to receive a dose of one of our precious rums, and the explanations that go with it...

For this evening, we propose a selection of 5 rums which respect 3 criteria:
- all styles are represented (Latino, traditional English, pure cane juice, white, old...)
- not or little known to the general public, and less in the limelight among rum lovers
- we loved them!

Here is the selection:
- Palma Mulata 15 38° (Spanish tradition, with a touch of pure aguardiente that makes it charming)
- Bristol Reserve Rum of Jamaica 8 years 2007-2015 43° (all the deliciousness of Worthy Park)
- Paranubes 54° (a Mexican "aguardiente de caña" made from organic cane, both original and very pleasant)
- Bologna XO 42° (a simple and tasty Guadeloupean agricole)
- Ferroni Tasty Overproof 74° (surprising, as Jamaican as agricultural, for cocktail lovers and the curious)

There will be plenty of other bottles, including those from the previous evening... You can help choose these bottles by taking the following quick survey(click here)

A contribution of 20 € per person will allow you to taste the 5 "star" rums of the evening + all the other bottles that we will make available. With moderation of course: we serve small doses sufficient for a tasting, and a spittoon is at your disposal...

It is imperative that you order your tickets in advance (you will simply be asked for your email address as proof). Each ticket allows you to taste all the rums we will make available.

Please note: in order to maintain the conviviality of the evening, the number of places is limited to the first 30 registrants

You can cancel up to 48 hours before the event (we will give you a full refund).

Follow the event on facebook and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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