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Opthimus 15 Years 38°: Description and customer reviews

Produced by the Dominican Republic company Oliver y Oliver, this rum has been aged for 15 years in bourbon oak barrels using the solera technique, and then bottled at 38 proof. Refined, Opthimus 15 Years is a very good tasting rum.

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this rum is complex from the start. It doesn't need time to open as it immediately reveals powerful, dark notes of liquorice, molasses and olive. After capturing our attention, it begins a seductive venture by embroidering on the register of pastries: raisins, baba, butter, prunes, cake dough, fruit cake... In order not to fall into the trap of becoming sickening, it is supported by a spicy and burnt woody note and by a blond tobacco (quite fatty all the same).
With agitation, the alcohol comes out and the black olive returns with a little fermentation and a certain acidity. Then the sultana comes back to announce again a much softer phase made of caramel and cherry in brandy. This nose is mastered because the sweet and dry aspects follow one another in the right tempo, without one having the time to get bored.

The texture in the mouth is very soft, it does not overwhelm or mark the palate. The spicy woodiness is present for a brief moment before giving way to candied fruits. The fatty tobacco is also present and spreads its flavours of caramel and vanilla.

On the finish, there are fruity, vinous and slightly oxidised notes of Sherry or Port.

"For once, it's mainly the nose that will intoxicate you, the mouth being rather harmless..."

3 reviews

  1. RUBIS

    Very pleasant rum

  2. Loup TESTEDOR

    Great value for money! An exceptional rum at this price!

  3. gilbert

    This rum is one of our favourites, it's great to taste and is always a great success. I always have two bottles of it on hand.

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