Spiced or infused rum

What is spiced rum?
Spiced rum certainly has the same origins as spiced rum .

What is spiced rum?
Spiced rum certainly has the same origins as arranged rum, i.e. spices have been macerated in rum for a very long time to make medicinal drinks or to flavour tafias that are a little too rustic... Read more

What is spiced rum?
Spiced rum certainly has the same origins as arranged rum, i.e. spices have long been macerated in rum to make medicinal drinks or to flavour rustic tafias. However, spiced rums have emerged as a category in their own right since being adopted by the bar and cocktail world.

Rum-based preparations, macerations and decoctions are extremely common throughout the world, and especially in the Caribbean where every bar, restaurant and market stall has its own speciality. In the West Indies, you may have heard of the bark of banded wood and its aphrodisiac properties, you will also have noticed that the vanilla bean is a classic, as well as the cinnamon stick or Curcuma in Reunion Island. These ingredients provide very strong sensations and tastes, which has not escaped the attention of bartenders and other mixologists.

Spiced rums have therefore logically entered the creations of these artists and alchemists of the bar, because it is all about creativity. This category is only limited by the imagination of those who bring it to life. On a base of white rum, but more often amber rum, spices are macerated, sometimes whole, sometimes roasted, homemade syrups are added, sugar and caramel can be added to obtain a very dark rum, but above all, new recipes can be created using ever rarer and more exotic spices.

Distilleries and their brands began offering spiced versions of their rums in the 1940s with the advent of Tiki culture. The phenomenon grew in the early 21st century and now these popular and festive rums are among the best-sellers in the wine trade.
The different spiced rums
All rums can be spiced, as this spirit lends itself particularly well to the exercise. Originally, it was the distilleries producing English-style rums that created the first recognised brands such as Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry. These brands, which are still the flagships of the category today, have led to others such as Kraken and its well-polished visual universe.

High-end spiced rums have appeared, such as Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Rumbullion or Old New Orleans' Cajun Spiced. Traditional Latin rums such as Malteco have joined the movement, and even independent bottlers such as Bristol have taken an interest.

Agricultural rums also lent themselves to the exercise with great success, such as La Mauny, Longueteau and Toucan among others.

The Indian Ocean is known to be one of the cradles of spiced and arranged rums, andMauritius seems to be naturally returning to this tradition. Indeed, many spiced rums originate from there. This is the case of Beach House, Labourdonnais, Chamarel, Saint Aubin, Pink Pigeon, Mauritius Rom Club...
Infused rum
Infused rum is a very special and specific type of spiced rum. Rather than macerating fruits and spices in the rum, methods are applied that will give fine and delicate aromas.

For example, when reducing its rum, Bacardi will do so with an infusion of fruit essences such as lemon, red fruit or pitaya.

Others, such as Chalong Bay, a Thai distiller of pure cane juice rums, use an original process at the very moment of distillation. A compartment filled with fruit or herbs is placed at the top of the still, just before the vapours condense. The distilled rum then carries delicate aromas of lemongrass, cinnamon or basil. Read less

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