Arranged rum

History of the arranged rum

The rum arrangement is a preparation based on fruits, plants or spices macerated in rum... Read more

History of the arranged rum

Rum is a preparation based on fruits, plants or spices soaked in rum. Its origins are primarily linked to the Indian route... Read more

History of the arranged rum

Arranged rum is a preparation based on fruits, plants or spices soaked in rum. Its origins are primarily linked to the route to India. Indeed, sailors and merchants who travelled the world first spread what was then called Punch by seasoning their rum with different ingredients. The word Punch comes from the Hindu language and from the word Panch, which means 5, like the number of ingredients used (rum, sugar, fruit juice, cinnamon, tea).

Its first use was medicinal. Rum served as a vehicle for the beneficial substances contained in plants. Remedies were found for all ailments, from fatigue to men's problems.

The trail of arranged rum is rather vague because it is so diverse, but we can mention, for example, the Indian population of Madagascar who transmitted this tradition to Reunion. And then this practice became widespread in the Caribbean and in all the colonial trading posts where rum and spices were traded.
The boom in arranged rum
Today, arranged rum has become a part of everyday life and is one of the favourite alcohols of the French. It has spread beyond Creole markets and family kitchens. Talented craftsmen have embraced this tradition by sublimating it with excellent products and taking it further in creativity. There is a plethora of products on offer and the recipes are multiplying. Even if, originally, arranged rums were more associated with molasses rums from Reunion Island (Charette, for example), there are now many recipes using agricultural rum from the West Indies.

Some brands of arranged rum

Ced's Rums

Pioneer and leader of arranged rums in France, Cédric Brément is full of energy and ideas that he experiments with in his workshop in the Nantes region. He works with AOC Martinique white agricultural rum and fruit carefully selected from local or Réunionese producers. The cutting of the fruit and the bottling are done exclusively by hand.

His greatest success is undoubtedly the Ananas Victoria and we owe him some experimentation such as arranged aged in Sauternes barrels and original creations such as the GwaMaRé.

Bigallet - Arranged from the 7 seas

Bigallet is a very old brand that dates back to the end of the 19th century. Originally, it offered ingredients for cocktails, syrups and creams for bars and restaurants. Its 100% natural products are even more numerous and varied today, and it is quite naturally that it has launched into the manufacture of arranged rums.

These macerations based on Martinique 's agricultural rum are prepared with fruit from sustainable agriculture and the cane sugar used is organic and certified fair trade.

Among the many sweets on offer are the Pineapple Vanilla and the Coconut Arrangement.


Since 2010, Isautier has been part of the long-standing tradition of the island's rum distillery, which was first established in 1845 as the largest distillery of sugar rum on the island. It has continued to develop ever since, until the construction of its new, very modern liquor factory, designed with sustainable development in mind, near the distillery.

These arranged rums are sweet treats to be enjoyed frosted. You can't miss the best-selling Banana Flambé or the Lemon Ginger.


The company was born in 1907, when Jean Chatel gave up the idea of taking over the family pharmacy to open a distillery. The company developed throughout the 20th century, equipping and modernising itself, moving into premises that were tailored to its needs and becoming a leading brand in Réunion, particularly thanks to its liqueurs.

Today, it is reviving the tradition by proposing a series of arranged rums, each more gourmet than the last, with, for example, Caramel beurre salé or Letchi, the emblem of Reunion Island. Read less

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