Box of the Month

The Rhum Attitude box of the month has been around since 2014!

Each rum box is composed ofa tasting booklet and 4 quality rums (5 cl per rum) + 1 bonus rum in June and December. The set is presented in a nice box made in France.

The rums for March are Santiago de Cuba 11 years, The Real McCoy Virgin Oak (over 10 years old), JM Volcanic Smoke and Havana Club Cuban Spiced. We do not reveal the following months but it will always be of this level, and very varied.

When you subscribe, thefirst box is sent immediately. Each following month it is sent between the 10th and the 20th. You can change the recipient and delivery address or relay point between 2 boxes.

Is it for a gift? We put the box in a beautiful case and include a card on which you can write a personal note, all at no extra cost.

To subscribe, choose an option in the "Formula" menu on this page, click on "I subscribe" and then go to your shopping cart to finalise.

  • - Free Mondial Relay France(*) delivery!
  • - • Other destination or carrier: reduced fees
    (*) Metropolitan France excluding Corsica

La Box du Mois : Description and customer reviews

Find every month our interviews of the producers of the rums of the month box

Visit our youtube channel. The interviews of the producers of the rums of the current month's box are put online at the latest at the end of the month.


The first rum box is shipped right away.

By subscribing now, you will receive the March box right away.

The following boxes are shipped between the 10th and the 20th of each month. So to take the example of the order placed now, the 2nd box you will receive will leave between the 10th and the 20th of April and will be the one of April. In any case, you will never receive the same box twice.


You can take advantage of the delivery of the first box to add other products to the package.

For example, if you don't have one, we recommend a few tulip glasses, which are perfectly suited for tasting rums.


Change the delivery method, the relay point or the address in your account whenever you want.

Remember to do so before the 10th of the month!

If it's a gift and you want to deliver the first box in person, have it delivered to your home (or a nearby relay point), then change the address so that the recipient can receive the others directly at home (or at a nearby relay point).


Download a gift voucher here if you wish.

It's for a gift and the first box might not arrive in time? Download our "voucher for" (word format) to personalise and print, and give it to the lucky subscriber!


You only want one box?

It's easy: place your order with the "monthly direct debit" option, then cancel your subscription in your account.

Another possibility: our discovery packs offer 5 different rums for a "one shot" gift, without subscription!


Some further details

  • A 5th surprise rum is offered in June and December, for all subscribers. It is not the same for everyone. You can find its description on our website by typing its name in the search bar or by using the QR code printed on the label.
  • The bottles in this month's box are made of P.E.T. and not of glass. The main objective is to avoid breakage. P.E.T. keeps spirits perfectly, even for several years, without altering the taste, just like glass.
  • You will never receive the same rum twice! Indeed, we have been marketing this service for several years, and we have noted the composition of all the boxes we have made since the beginning. Thus, our customers who have been loyal to us since the beginning have never received the same rum twice. Moreover, if you subscribe for a few months and decide to re-subscribe a year later, you will inevitably receive different rums.

If you like, we recommend :

  • A "specialised" box to discover Jamaican rums...
  • A notebook to write down your personal notes...