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Jamaica discovery pack 5 rums + glass : Description and customer reviews

Discover Jamaica and its exceptional rums distilled in pot stills in the British tradition. Nico and François from the Rhum Attitude team have selected 5 ideal rums for you to discover Jamaican rums. White or old, reduced or over-proof, balanced or exuberant: boarding immediately for Kingston!

The pack contains the following 5 cl samples (except for Hampden, which is a 3 cl glass bottle):

A gift box is also provided to store or offer these samples, as well as a tasting glass to tame them like an expert.

Here's the replay of the remote tasting session, hosted by Nico and François from Rhum Attitude, with special guest Olivier "Scars".

A well-known blogger among rum lovers(whorhumtheworld.com/blog), Olivier is passionate about Jamaica. Please note that two samples have changed between the video and today following the definitive discontinuation of references (Long Pond blanc replaced by WP blanc 57° and Hampden Swell de spirits replaced by Clarendon L'esprit).

6 reviews

  1. guy goussaire

    To offer so not tasted


    A little disappointed by the quality of the box (cardboard)

  3. Guillaume Agamemnon

    Very good set, but can we make a set without glass?

  4. Edouard

    Very good discovery of Jamaican rums.

  5. Serge Pariggi

    See review Hampden 8 ans 46*

  6. JCV

    An excellent way to appreciate different rum varieties

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