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El Pasador de Oro Gran Reserva 40° : Description and customer reviews

El Pasador de Oro XO Gran Reserva is a rum from several Guatemalan distilleries.

An initial long ageing period of 10 to 18 years (compared to 6 to 15 years for the XO version) in several types of casks takes place on site. The casks are then imported into the Charente, in the cellars of the French company Les Bienheureux. The rum then stays in cognac casks for a further 6 months. It is then bottled in this beautiful decanter.

El Pasador de Oro Gran Reserva is more powerful, less sweet, than its younger version El Pasador de Oro XO.

Nico's tasting notes

Here, no need for patience: the nose immediately offers a good aromatic palette. Lots of vanilla to start with, followed by fruity nuances with banana and pineapple. The red fruits are there too, in the form of a sweet strawberry. The fact that this is a honey cane rum (cooked cane juice) keeps the sugar cane flavours and its herbal attributes of grass and moss. Resting doesn't spoil the brightness of the rum, and brings out the woodiness with more caramel, toast and nuts.
Aeration brings a well-burnt, very bourbon-like oakiness to the fore. Underneath, the rum almost has an agricultural soul with its citrus, cane and spice. The woodiness has now taken hold for good, and is accompanied by caramel and coffee.

The palate is quite sweet and enhanced by a good pinch of black pepper and cinnamon. The caramelised walnut settles on the tongue, with the overall impression of a rather sweet and fatty rum. The caramel and milk chocolate spread widely over the taste buds.

The end of the tasting is in continuity, with the consistency of chocolate and vanilla toffee.

"This Gran Reserva, without straying far from the XO, offers both a more distinctly woody profile and a softer mouthfeel..."

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  1. Customer

    Very much in my taste

  2. joel lopez

    My favourite

  3. Jérôme Fuss

    You can feel the difference in maturity with the XO. It has a longer finish which makes it even better.

  4. helene PERRIN

    very good, good product and the bottle is very nice

  5. Hugo

    Having been particularly seduced by the XO, I wanted to try the Gran Reserva. Very good. It is close to a Zacapa solera 23. And likewise the flavours are rather quickly erased by a pronounced taste of alcohol. A pity.


    One of the best rums I have ever bought. Quite smooth and full-bodied


    Excellent product, fast delivery despite the confinement!

  8. YVON

    very good rum, lots of flavour

  9. Isabelle Porcher

    Very nice bottle it was for a quick efficient gift good rum

  10. loldegohelle

    Excellent rum from molasses.it is very proched a centenario 20 years.there is a taste of caramel, vanilla and sultanas.regular in taste with a nice length.the nose remains discreet on brown sugar and cinnamon.a superb bottle.better than a zacapa 23 which has less taste, but a little bit below a centenario 20 years which is at the same price but which in the end has a very small specific thing.
    I'm not sure if it's a good one or a bad one, but I'm sure it's a very good one.
    I'm very happy with the way the product is blended and finished in cognac cask in FRANCE!

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