Pastis Château Des Creissauds 2017 Wooden box 45°.

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Wooden box


Complex - Sweet spices - Fresh - Medicinal - Round - Plants



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Pastis Château Des Creissauds 2017 Wooden box 45° : Description and customer reviews

The Château Des Creissauds 2017 pastis is presented here in a wooden box, ideal for a gift.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is rich and complex, with constant back and forth between liquorice, aniseed, resinous vegetation, medicinal notes, and hints of camphor... It is both green and refreshing, but also spicy, as well as candied and greedy.

The aeration emphasises the liquorice and its woody aspect, which transpires with sweet and sticky juice. A handful of ground spices take us into the kitchen for a moment, from curry, caraway, cumin and pan masala.

The mouth coats the palate with an extreme aromatic concentration accompanied by a beautiful roundness. The spices numb the taste buds for a moment, then the parade of flavours resumes: aniseed, liquorice, vegetable juice, caraway, the palette is endless. With a little water, the pastis becomes sweet. Lighter, it remains no less concentrated in aromas.

The finish is very long and refreshing, like a juicy liquorice stick.

"An impressive vintage of concentration and complexity.

In comparison, the 2019 Pastis Château Des Creissauds is quite similar, except that it has a slightly honeyed edge, as well as pastry spices. In that respect, this 2017 is a little greener and more refreshing.

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  1. MABIL

    Another idea of pastis, 2017 a good year

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