Ti Arrangés de Ced

The story of Ced's Ti arrangés

Les Rhums de Ced was originally the story of a young top-level sportsman from the Nantes region... Read more

The story of Ced's Ti arrangés

Les Rhums de Ced was originally the story of a young top-level sportsman from the Nantes region. His passion for rum gradually overtook him, and he eventually became a pioneer of quality rhum arrangé... Read more

The story of Ced's Ti arrangés

Les Rhums de Ced was originally the story of a young top-level sportsman from the Nantes region. This rum enthusiast was gradually overcome by his passion, and eventually became a pioneer of quality rhum arrangé.
It was his grandfather who first initiated him, when he presided over the serving of the traditional Sunday ti'punch. It was the conviviality of this moment and the taste for exchange that rum aroused that marked Cédric Brément. It was these same values that led him to make his own rhums arrangés a few years later. It was the early 2000s, and he was trying out a few recipes for himself and his friends. Soon, he had to step up the pace and order cubes of rum over the internet, as success and demand began to grow.

It got so big that a company was born in 2011. Initially distributed in the region, Ced's Ti arrangés made a name for themselves at trade shows. Then word of mouth spread, and with a few sales tours, Cédric and his rums conquered the whole of France.
High standards and excellence have always been the leitmotivs, and the choice of products a priority. As soon as it opened, the workshop was certified organic, and France's first organic rhum arrangé was born.

Reward time

The first distinction naturally came in 2013, with a Master Craftsman title. Cédric's experience in the food industry (thanks to his engineering training), and the precision and meticulousness of his manufacturing process quickly paid off.
Numerous awards followed, including the Concours Général Agricole in Paris and the Concours Mondial in Brussels.

Keen to highlight those who, like him, bring their passion to life on a daily basis, Cédric has created a number of successful collaborations. Perhaps the best example is Point G, an arranged rum immersed in a salt marsh for unique maturation. There's also a ti'punch beer, as well as multiple bottlings for various groups and tasting clubs.
Rhums de Ced was also voted Best Artisan of the Year in Loire Atlantique for 2018. For someone who was making his little arrangés in his kitchen 15 years earlier, that's pretty good!
In 2019, the company has been taken over by distributor Dugas, so Cédric has plenty of time to create and focus on his passion.

Ced's Ti Arrangés

Ced's Ti Arrangés are made from agricultural rums from Martinique and Guadeloupe. Since 2018, a blend of the two origins has also been experimented with. The Bio rum, meanwhile, is not agricultural, but is a cane syrup rum from Paraguay.
The exotic fruits come from a Réunion cooperative (SCA Fruit de La Réunion), and are grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Other fruits are mostly local, such as strawberries grown by an artisan in Pornic. The vanilla, too, is of the highest quality, with only the Bourbon variety from Madagascar used.
All these fruits are carefully selected, always picked when perfectly ripe. Another very important point is that they are cut and bottled by hand.

Rhums arrangés always benefit from a minimum of one month's maceration, which can be extended to 30 months depending on the recipe!
A non-flavoring syrup is made especially for Les Rhums de Ced by a local company. It's important that this sugar acts as a flavor catalyst, without adding any additional aroma. All forms of rum have been studied in the workshops, so much so that a range of planters has also seen the light of day, as well as a famous Ti'punch cocktail.

Creation, a constant desire

Cédric is increasingly working on blends of barrel-aged rums. For the brand's creator, it's an even deeper exploration of the world of rum. He enjoys aging his arrangés in whisky, sherry, cognac, sauternes or Saint Emilion barrels... Aging lasts a minimum of 6 months, but the oldest barrels are 5 years old.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, some of Ced's Ti Arrangés are also made with column rums. These rhums arrangés are both powerful and highly flavorful, and bear the name Graal. Read less

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