Free gift pack and personalized note!

Whatever the value of your order, we'll give you a free gift pack and a personalized note on a pretty card.

If your cart is less than 200 euros

You can choose the gift-wrapped option and personalized note instead of the free sample (it's one or the other).

Simply select "Gift wrapping and personal message" from the drop-down menu in your shopping cart. When you finalize your order, you can write your personal message. Impossible to miss!

If your cart is over 200 euros

You can take advantage of the gift-wrap and personalized note option, as well as the free sample, which you can choose from the drop-down menu in your shopping cart.

The personalized word and gift-wrapping option are systematically offered when you finalize your order.

The only exception is

Aging casks are shipped directly from the manufacturer: gift wrap on a cask would not withstand transport. However, it is possible to laser-engrave a word or logo directly onto the barrel (paying option).

A few details

When you finalize your order, you can choose the gift package without the personalized word or vice versa (or both, of course...).

If there are several bottles, we pack each one.

If you wish to pack only certain bottles, or make a specific request, it's best to contact us before placing the order. Otherwise we risk preparing the package without seeing your instructions.

Rather than a long speech, here are a few photos to illustrate.

Packaged bottles (the 2 on the left are sold with cases) :


Gift-wrapping a box of the month (or a customized box with a premium box):


Gift-wrapping of samples selected from "La Cave" without premium box:


An example of a personalized note - recto :

An example of a personalized note - reverse side :


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information: or 01 75 51 46 19