Plantation Rum Barbados XO 20th Anniversary Boxed set 2 tulip glasses 40° glass


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Plantation Rum Barbados XO 20th Anniversary Boxed set 2 tulip glasses 40° : Description and customer reviews

The best-selling Plantation Rum Barbados XO 20th Anniversary, with its rich coconut and vanilla aromas, is presented here in a superb gift box with 2 tasting glasses.
Tulip-shaped glasses concentrate aromas at the first stage of tasting: the nose.

To find out more about this rum you can visit the Plantation Rum Barbados XO 20th Anniversary product page.



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  1. christophe

    A sure value, soft and easy to enjoy

  2. Isabelle Polleux


  3. Gaëtan Goubard.

    Subtle and delicate aromas.
    A beautiful length in the mouth.

  4. Customer

    very nice box, ideal for a gift or for yourself, very sweet rum, greedy, vanilla taste, easy to drink, really very good

  5. Tata

    Good quality products that arrived faster than expected.

  6. Ophélie Nutten

    Very good rum

  7. Mélya

    Beautiful boxed set! Excellent quality rum
    Very good value for money: I highly recommend

  8. Sébastien DELELIS

    What sweetness and intensity at the same time

  9. Mélya

    Beautiful box to offer: excellent quality

  10. Benny


  11. Charles

    I find that this excellent rum is similar to a very good Armagnac or even a very good Cognac.

  12. customer

    Very good rum and the glasses are beautiful

  13. Laurent Malfilatre

    Excellent rum

  14. Eric RIVIER

    great as a christmas gift

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