Secure payment

We want to both :

- provide you with different payment methods

- guaranteeing you 100% security

- not make you spend more money: none of these solutions involve additional costs for you.

You can choose between the following 2 types of payment

2 payment methods are available at the bottom of the "order" page (the page that directly follows the validation of the cart). You just have to choose the method that suits you best and click on the big orange button "3DS secured payment by credit card" or "Bank transfer".

Payment by credit card via our payment solution partner "Checkout

- this method of payment is preferable if you have a CB, VISA or Master Card

- you can confidently enter your credit card number on our site which will never be transmitted to us

- depending on the amount and risk criteria managed by the payment system, the 3D secure anti-fraud device is activated. 3D Secure makes it possible to identify stolen cards. Depending on the type of security of your bank, you must follow a particular process (e.g. a code sent by sms etc.)

- Checkout" deducts the amount of the transaction from your account and transfers it to us without us having access to your bank data

- Once the payment is made, a confirmation e-mail is sent to you by us.

Payment by bank transfer

- this method of payment is preferable if you do not have a bank card

- by clicking on "Proceed to secure payment" you will be directed to the summary of your order which will give you the bank details and the order number to be indicated as a payment reference

- make a bank transfer as you are used to doing (by internet or by contacting your branch)

- your package will be shipped as soon as the funds are received (delivery times will be delayed accordingly)

- If we do not see the amount credited to our account within a week, we will take the liberty of sending you a reminder by e-mail. If we have not heard from you within a week, we will cancel the order to release the stock we have reserved for you until then.

The payment by Paypal is no longer available since 22/1/2020, here are the reasons

Until January 21, 2020 we were offering payment via Paypal. We have reluctantly decided to deactivate the Paypal payment option on January 22, 2020. Here are the explanations.

The Paypal payment option allows to reassure the customer thanks to its "dispute management" option. For this reason, we chose to offer it, although the commission taken by Paypal is significantly higher than the simple CB solution.

It should be noted that this option, in almost 5 years of use on our site, has NEVER been activated by any customer. In fact, we are reactive and in 100% of the cases we find a solution to the problems encountered by our customers, whatever their chosen payment method. Here is the link to our Trustpilot customer reviews to convince you.

In early 2020, Paypal doubled its commission! We have tried to negotiate, in vain. Maintaining this solution would force us to increase our rates or to revise certain elements of our offer downwards, which is not an option.

We hope that all our customers will switch to other solutions that offer equally secure financial transactions.

We remain at your disposal in this regard. Thank you for your understanding.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or 01 75 51 46 19