Martinique Très Vieux discovery pack boxed set of 5 rums + glass


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Martinique Très Vieux discovery pack 5 rums + glass : Description and customer reviews

Martinique has excelled in the art of aging for decades. Cellar masters were first inspired by French eaux-de-vie such as cognac, before developing a unique savoir-faire in harmony with a demanding tropical climate. Heat and humidity are extremely important factors, providing consistent maturation and concentration, but they become a major challenge as the years go by. Developing very old rums is therefore a remarkable feat, requiring constant attention and technical skill.

We have selected 5 of these great agricultural rums from Martinique, presented in 5cl samples:

A gift box is also provided to store or offer these samples, as well as a tasting glass to tame them like an expert.

A live event took place on August 12, 2021 with François from Rhum Attitude and Nadia Almonte, a rum enthusiast. Feel free to relive it:

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  1. Emilie PION

    It's a shame there's no accompanying documentation to guide tasting and provide information on the products.

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