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Getting to know us better

You can contact us at

- either by emailing us at or (both addresses arrive in the same mailbox)
- or by writing to us in the "chat" area at the bottom right of your screen
- or by calling us at +33 1 75 51 46 19
- or by writing to us by post at the following postal address: Spirits Attitude, 10 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris

The website and the Rhum Attitude trademark belong to Spirits Attitude SAS.

Spirits Attitude SAS is a simplified joint stock company with capital of 30,000 euros. It is domiciled at 10, rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris and registered on 21/5/2014 under the following number: 802 394 965 R.C.S. Paris

Our Brussels boutique belongs to Société Belge de Spiritueux, domiciled, as its name suggests, in Belgium.

5 rum and spirits enthusiasts at your service: Olivier, Nico, Yoann, Florian and Florian (*)! Click on the link to discover their story.

(*) It's not a mistake, the rum freaks who run our Brussels store are both called Florian.

Rhum Attitude is designed for :

for novices

You can buy La Box du Mois to discover the world of rum.
You can also learn about the world of rum and whisky at one of our tasting workshops in Brussels.

You can also read all our explanations of rum for the uninitiated, such as, for example, a summary of the steps involved in making rum.

Just starting out and want to buy samples or bottles direct? Follow our advice.


advanced amateurs

4 new, original, quality rums every month with a tasting booklet - that's what we're offering with our Box of the Month offer, ideal for deepening your knowledge of rum.
You can also buy from our online boutique La Cave (over 3,000 references in stock). In this same rum cellar, most references are also available as 3 or 5 cl samples: the chance to try lots of top-quality rums without losing any feathers!

Finally, browse through our varied blog and feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the articles if you have any questions or remarks. Nico will be happy to answer!


friends or acquaintances of rum connoisseurs who wish to make a gift

A subscription to La Box du Mois is sure to please! If you prefer a good bottle, follow our guide.

If you're a real connoisseur, don't hesitate to write to us at or on our chat page (icon at bottom right of site) to ask for our advice. You'll still need to give us some indication of the tastes of the person you'd like to give a gift to! The best way is to give us the names of their favorite rums.

There are thousands of rum references. Faced with such an immense choice, which reflects the richness of this universe, you may not know where to start if you're a novice.

That's why we've come up with an original offer, La Box du Mois, which allows everyone to deepen their knowledge of rum.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for one or more specific references, we invite you to visit our Cellar, where a selection of over 3,000 quality rums awaits you.
Nothing original, you may ask? Yes, it is! Almost all these references are available as 3 or 5 cl samples. This gives you the opportunity to try lots of different rums without breaking your piggy bank or having to move house to store dozens of bottles! You can compose your order as you like, with bottles, samples, or a little of both...

Finally, we offer "physical" tasting workshops in Brussels. First and foremost, this is an opportunity for us to share our passion for rum with experienced enthusiasts, or anyone wishing to learn more about this rich and sophisticated world. It's also a way for us to forge and strengthen ties with you!

Our ambition: whatever your level of knowledge of rum and spirits, to provide you with quality advice, innovative services and bottles at the right price!

Promo codes, discount vouchers, first order or loyalty discounts

Because the transparency of our offer is for us an imperative towards all our customers, we decided from the beginning to give 100% of the advantages on our site, for everyone:

  • good prices
  • a free sample for every purchase in our cellar (the value of which varies according to the size of your cart) OR a free gift card valid for a future order (the cards can be accumulated, so this is a loyalty advantage) OR a free gift pack and personalized note (this last OR becomes an AND if your cart exceeds 200 euros).
  • free delivery to France and Belgium on orders of €140 or more from our cellar
  • free delivery with a monthly box subscription, and a free 5th rum in June and December

As we're already doing everything we can on our site, we can't go any further. So don't look any further, you won't find any coupons or promo codes on the net.

That way, there's no room for regrets like "gee, I missed the coupon, I got screwed". You simply can't pass up the benefits!

Our samples

Sample is the English word for sample. We've decided to use both words to clearly differentiate the 2 containers we offer on our site.

1) The "Sample Verre 3 cl" is mainly used for rare, collector, expensive spirits... for 2 reasons:

Although P.E.T. does not alter the taste of the contents, glass is a more luxurious material. The idea of putting a high-end spirit in plastic can be a deterrent, which we understand.

3 centilitres is all it takes to enjoy a spirit. You can even come back twice, or share with a friend. However, a larger quantity would make the sample much more expensive, hence the choice of this volume for slightly (or very) expensive bottles.

2) P.E.T. "Échantillon 5 cl" is used for less expensive spirits, white rums, arrangés... The 5 centiliter quantity means you can come back several times. What's more, the P.E.T. bottle is less expensive, and its lightness means it can be transported more cheaply, resulting in a lower price.


The price is always the same:

1) Sample Verre 3 cl: 3.40 euros incl. VAT + the price of the bottle / the number of samples you can make with the bottle.

1) 5 cl sample: 2.90 euros incl. VAT + the price of the bottle / the number of samples you can make with the bottle. Note that for a rhum arrangé containing fruit, the number of samples produced is lower than indicated by the volume of the bottle, since the fruit is left in the bottle.

Not at all!

P.E.T. is a plastic material now widely used for spirits in many countries, and particularly in the Nordic countries, which are at the forefront of environmental protection.

Some arguments in favor of the P.E.T. :

  • does not alter the taste of spirits (like glass, even after several years)
  • 100% recyclable
  • light
  • won't break, so there's less risk of losing precious liquid or injuring yourself
  • withstands high temperatures and pressure
  • resistant to UV, oxygen, etc.
  • certified food-grade, it contains no phthalates (unlike P.V.C.)

It's obviously fundamental for us to ensure that the rum on the label is actually the rum in the bottle...

Our service provider for the bottling operation is Tremblaye. It's a company renowned for its reliability: this logistics company, with annual sales of over 30 million euros, is affiliated with E-logik. Well-versed in repackaging processes, with the numerous boxes they produce every month on behalf of e-commerce companies, E-logik supports Tremblaye in the IT and logistics process of producing and shipping all the samples we offer as part of our "Box of the Month" offer and on our online boutique La Cave.

In short, it's a question of trust. Our credibility, and that of our logistics partner mentioned above, depends on it.

We produce all the samples for a bottle at once (rather than on an order-by-order basis). All the liquid contained in the bottle (often 70 cl) is divided "equally" between each of the bottles (usually 14 bottles).
A "semi-automatic" machine is used for this. The entire contents of the bottle are poured into a reservoir, then the bottles are manually placed, one by one, under a special "tap". We press a button to make the liquid flow, then press a second time to stop. Of course, between each rum, we rinse the tank and the tap.

So we can't be precise to the nearest milliliter. One milliliter isn't much, but when the bottle is full, you can see it, given the narrowness of the neck.
So you may be 1 or 2 milliliters over or under. This doesn't mean that the bottle has leaked, or that the rum has evaporated, but it's simply the result of an "artisanal" rather than industrial service, which enables us to offer practically all our references as samples.

Of course, if a quantity is missing that causes you to feel "wronged", then send us a photo of the bottle you received and we'll reimburse you for the estimated shortfall. And if several centilitres are missing, we will of course send you a new bottle or compensate you.

Our La Box du Mois offer

No, and that's a feature of this offer that's particularly important to us: you can change or cancel your subscription whenever you like.

Modifying your subscription is possible from the second box onwards, and involves changing the parameters you gave us when you subscribed: delivery address, billing address, and your rum preferences.

These settings can be changed in the "My account" section under "Box subscription". There is also a cancellation button in the same section.

You can also cancel by sending an e-mail to

Modifications made in a given month will not take effect until the following month.

Yes, you can choose monthly direct debit and cancel immediately in your account or by contacting us.

Yes, you can buy the rums in our boxes in our online store La Cave, while stocks last.

You can contact us by specifying the month in which you would like to receive your next box (see "How can I contact you?").

Don't forget that you can always change your delivery address if you're traveling in France or the European Union.

Yes, all subscribers receive the same box. The only exception: in June and December, we add a "bonus" rum that may vary from subscriber to subscriber.

No, you can't! We keep a complete history of all boxes sent.

If, despite all precautions, this should happen (for example, the sample offered in December is identical to the one offered in June), please do not hesitate to contact us: we will replace the duplicate rum(s) as soon as possible.

You can see the composition of the first box you receive when you subscribe: it is indicated in the first slide presenting the "Box of the Month" offer by clicking on the "here" button. You can see for yourself how competitive our offer is.

In particular, you can do the math yourself by taking the samples independently from our online store and adding the presentation box and delivery costs. You'll see that you'll end up with a higher cost if you put together your own box, without even taking into account the fact that an accompanying booklet is included with the box.

This offer is particularly suitable as a gift:

We make a gift pack and invite you to leave a message, which we print on a high-quality card and enclose with the box. Both options are free of charge and fully integrated into the subscription process.
The rums we choose for you are quality rums recognized by the connoisseur community and guaranteed to please.
And above all, offering a monthly subscription is an opportunity to give the person to whom you have given this gift the chance to think of you at least once a month...

This offer is particularly suitable for

For individuals who want to please a rum lover but don't know which rum to give, for example because they don't know the tastes of the person they want to give a gift to and are afraid of making a mistake.
For companies who want to offer their best customers a quality gift that will last. For example, you could offer a subscription for a year. Every month, your customers will remember you with pleasure as they receive their box and tasting booklet.

Only Visa, Mastercard or CB credit cards are currently available for payment.

To secure your payments for a Box of the Month subscription, we use Checkout, one of the leading payment service providers. What's more, Checkout offers features that are particularly well-suited to managing subscriptions.

Thanks to this solution, your bank details are perfectly protected and even unknown to us.

With a subscription limited to 3, 6 or 12 boxes, you pay for all your boxes on the day you subscribe.

As part of a "monthly direct debit" subscription :

You pay for the first box
Each month thereafter, you will be debited automatically on or around the 15th of the month.

You can do this in your account under "Payment methods". If you forget to do this and the attempt to debit your card is unsuccessful, an e-mail will be sent to you with a link allowing you to pay with another card.

When you make a cart with the Cellar products (bottles, samples etc.), you benefit from free shipping for certain countries (including France) from 140 euros.

This doesn't work with La Box du mois because, unlike a traditional order, we can't group all the boxes together in a single shipment (you'll receive as many packages as months of subscription) and so we don't make any "economies of scale".

When you make a cart with the Cellar products (bottles, samples etc.), you get a free product from the1st euro.

This doesn't work with La Box du mois, because our offer gives you benefits such as reduced shipping costs, which you don't get when you buy products from our Cave, and the price has already been calculated as accurately as possible.

However, if you want to take advantage of the first box to add products from our Cellar, you will receive a free sample in your parcel (choose from the drop-down menu that appears in your cart).

We have put in place the rules that offer the best compromise between flexibility for you and stability for us and our partners, to serve you in the best possible way.

If you have a specific request concerning your subscription, please contact us. We will do our best to answer your request.

Samples available on our site

For every cart in our Cellar of at least 1 euro, we'll give you a sample, gift card or other goodie (or, from 300 euros, a bottle) to choose from a list of several products.

Go to your shopping cart: there you'll find a free product that you can modify by choosing from a list using the drop-down menu. We hope that at least one of these gifts will inspire you!

The list of gifts depends on the value of your cart. It works in increments: 1-40€, 40€-50€, 50€-60€, 60€-80€, 80€-100€, 100€-200€, 200€-300€, 300€-400€, 400€-500€, 500€-750€, 750€-1000€, 1000€-1500€, 1500€-2000€, 2000€-3000€, 3000€-10000€, 10000€ & +.

If you subsequently modify your cart and the total amount changes by "slice", a new product is offered. You can then modify it again using the drop-down menu.

We change the lists regularly. So, from one order to the next, you may have new gifts to select from.

Please note: Box du Mois subscriptions, purchases of aging barrels, gift cards and tasting evenings are not eligible for this offer. See question "When I put a Box du Mois subscription, an aging barrel, a gift card or a tasting workshop in my cart, I'm not offered any samples: why?"

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As part of a subscription to the Box of the Month, a 5th rum is offered in June and December.

This 5th rum is not described in the tasting booklet, as each customer is likely to receive a different rum. However, by flashing the QR Code with your smartphone or by simply visiting the store's product sheet, you can see the rum's characteristics (production, tasting notes, etc.).

Please note that subscribing to a Box of the Month, which entitles you to reduced shipping costs and a bonus rum in June and December, does not entitle you to a free sample (see "When I add a Box of the Month subscription, a gift card or a tasting workshop to my cart, I'm not offered a free sample: why?").

You can, however, take advantage of your first box to add products from our Cave to your cart (e.g. tulip tasting glasses if you don't have any, additional bottles or samples of your choice, etc.). These will entitle you to an additional sample, as described in the section "Samples offered as part of a Cave purchase: how does it work?

There are 4 exceptions:

Gift cards are not taken into account when they are purchased, but when they are used, just like other means of payment. This means they are not counted twice.

Tasting workshops are not included in the calculation either. In fact, they don't generate a parcel, so we would have to prepare and send you a separate parcel just for the free sample.

Aging barrels are shipped directly from the manufacturer, not from our usual warehouse where we store all our samples and bottles. This is why we cannot offer the addition of a sample. The wooden tap, however, is available on request. See details of our aging barrels offer.

Finally, a subscription to the Box of the Month, which already benefits from advantageous conditions (in particular, a substantial reduction on shipping costs, and a 5th bonus rum in June and December), is not taken into account in the calculation of the thresholds for the product offered. However, if you want to take advantage of your first box to add products from our Cellar to your cart, these will be taken into account.

Tasting workshops in our Brussels boutique

The aim of a workshop is to spend a convivial moment in our beautiful boutique and discover quality spirits (rums or whiskies, depending on the evening's theme).

We strive to introduce you to different styles.

Those who want to get drunk should move on! We serve small quantities, but enough to enjoy.

Click here to see the list of upcoming evenings and buy tickets if you wish...

Yes, you need to book in advance on our website by adding theworkshop of your choice to your cart.

Tailor-made tasting workshops

Please contact us, ideally by telephone, to explain your requirements.

We're based in the Île de France and Brussels, but can travel to just about anywhere.

There's no real limit, but for it to be effective and user-friendly, it's better to have a dozen or so.

There's no typical profile: from people who've never tasted a rum in their lives to confirmed enthusiasts.

It's preferable to have a homogeneity of levels, to avoid some people getting bored or others feeling "overwhelmed". However, two people can come together to form two sub-groups.

It's in order to anticipate and prepare for the workshop (choice of rums, number of participants, etc.) that we need to talk beforehand.

A tasting workshop lasts the length of a meal if you'd like us to get together for lunch or dinner, and in any case about 2 1/2 hours to taste 5-6 rums in a friendly, fun way.

We usually taste 5-6 different rums. We always have a few extra bottles on hand for the more persistent (the key is to consume a little of each rum). The idea is for us to talk a little "theory", but also to spend some time on the rums, and above all to show you a good time!

All this is discussed before the workshop, so that we can balance theory and practice according to the participants' knowledge and, quite simply, their desires.

We always give you a quote. It all depends on the venue (including the cost of transport to get us there if it's a long way away), the number of guests (with sliding scale prices, of course) and the type of rum you'd like to taste.

For us, the aim of these evenings is first and foremost to enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge with conviviality (and moderation, of course), and also to make ourselves known. That's why we strive to offer reasonable prices.

Payments in our online store

We want to :

- 100% security
- no additional costs: none of these solutions involves any additional costs for you.

2 methods of payment are available to you at the bottom of the "Order" page (the page that directly follows the shopping cart validation).
Simply choose the method that suits you best:
- by credit card (preferable if you have a VISA, Master Card, CB, iDEAL or Sofort card) -> then enter your bank details in the usual way
- by bank transfer (preferable if you don't have any of the credit cards listed above).

Once the mode has been selected, click on the "ORDER" button at the bottom.

1 EXCEPTION: if you have a subscription to the Box of the Month in your cart, only payment by credit card is authorized (i.e. VISA, Master Card, CB, iDEAL or Sofort). This applies to the entire cart, i.e. the subscription + any other items you wish to have delivered with the first box. This credit card payment method is ideal for managing subscriptions. Bank transfer is not possible.

This payment method is preferable if you have a VISA, Master Card, CB, iDEAL or Sofort card:

- In the "Payment" section of the "Order" page, select the "3DS secure payment by credit card" mode
- You will then be asked to enter your credit card number, which will never be transmitted to us.
- The 3D secure anti-fraud feature will then be activated. 3D Secure is used to identify stolen cards. The security is managed by your bank, and may take the form of a code received by SMS which you must then enter, or an application to be launched...
- Our partner Checkout deducts the amount of the transaction from your account and transfers it to us, without us having access to your bank details.
- Once the payment has been made, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, and you will automatically return to the page summarizing your order.

This is the preferred method of payment if you do not have a credit card:

- by clicking on "Proceed to secure payment" you will be directed to your order summary, which will give you your bank details and the order number to indicate as the payment reference
- make a bank transfer as you are used to doing (by internet or by contacting your branch)
- your parcel will be dispatched as soon as the funds are received (delivery times will be delayed accordingly)
- if 2 weeks after the order date our account has still not been credited, we will cancel the order in order to release the stock we have reserved for you until then.

Until the end of 2019 we offered payment via Paypal. We have reluctantly decided to deactivate this option. Here are the explanations.

The Paypal payment option reassures customers with its "dispute management" feature. For this reason, we chose to offer it, even though Paypal's commission is significantly higher than that of the simple CB solution.

It's worth noting that in almost 5 years of use on our site, this option has NEVER been activated by a single customer. In fact, we are very reactive, and in 100% of cases we find a solution to the problems encountered by our customers, whatever their chosen payment method. Here's a link to our Trustpilot customer reviews to convince you.

In early 2020, Paypal increased its commission by a factor of 2! We tried to negotiate, but to no avail. Maintaining this solution would force us to raise our rates or reduce certain elements of our offer, which is not an option.

We hope that all our customers will switch to other solutions that offer equally secure financial transactions.

We remain at your disposal for further information.

Thank you for your understanding.

Logistics, warehousing, shipping and delivery

We have chosen an experienced partner for our logistics. Tremblaye, a family-run business with over 50 years' experience, is located in Le Mans.

Our partner receives the products dispatched by our suppliers at its warehouse in Le Mans, stores them and prepares them individually for dispatch to you: adding the tasting booklet that accompanies each box in our La Box du Mois offer, gift-wrapping and printing a personalized note if you have requested these options, then securely and sturdily packing them to protect your box, bottles and/or samples during transport.

Everything you can order and pay for is necessarily in stock: no "just-in-time" sales (selling products we don't have and have to source from our own suppliers), unless otherwise stated for extremely expensive bottles (extremely rare, and in this case mentioned on the product sheet).

Parcels are picked up by the various carriers in the early afternoon:

- if you order before 1:00 pm on a weekday (Monday-Friday), your order will be prepared and dispatched the same day
- if you order after 1:00 pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, your order will be prepared and dispatched the following day
- if you order after 1:00 pm on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your order will be prepared and dispatched the following Monday.

We deliver almost everywhere in the European Union and overseas, as well as to a few countries outside the European Union.

See our Delivery conditions page for a list of all the countries we deliver to and the associated conditions.

We invite you to consult the page specially dedicated to this subject: Rhum Attitude delivery conditions

When you place your order (whether for a Box of the Month subscription or for other La Cave items), we indicate the estimated delivery time for each carrier in the format "D+x". D is today's date, x is the number of working days. So, for example, D+2 means that your order will be delivered in 2 working days. If, for example, you place your order on a Friday before 1:00 p.m., this means that you will probably be delivered on Tuesday, i.e. 2 days later, not counting weekends or public holidays. Whatever the offer, we'll send you an e-mail on the day of actual shipment to : - inform you that your parcel has left for your delivery address - give you the references of your parcel so that you can track its progress, if you wish.

If the estimated delivery time we sent you has passed and you still haven't received anything, then you can contact us. We'll check the status of your package, reship if necessary, and keep you informed.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from your order in writing, by any means, and in particular by simple email sent to We will then inform you of the procedure to follow.

Despite all the care we take in preparing our parcels, it rarely happens that there is breakage or missing references (preparation error, theft, product withdrawn because broken during transport...).

In this case, do the right thing: if you are asked to sign a delivery note (whether at a relay point or at home), open the parcel and check the condition of the goods. If you notice any discrepancies:
1) Make sure you indicate any reservations next to your signature. Note, for example, if there is a broken bottle (specify which one if there are several), if a reference is missing (specify which one), etc.
2) take a photo of the damaged parcel, the broken bottle(s), and ideally, to speed up the procedure, of the document (or screen) with your signature and the reserve
3) keep the packing carton and protective covers
4) if all (or most) of the contents of the parcel are damaged, simply refuse the parcel
5) then contact us quickly (within 24 hours): we'll tell you how to get your money back or send you a new parcel with the damaged or missing items.

Customer account and personal data

The personal information you send us is used for the following purposes: - to ensure the proper processing of your order, and in particular to deliver the products, to carry out payment transactions and to communicate with you about your orders. For example, by providing us with your e-mail address, you can receive confirmation of your order. - to carry out anonymous statistical studies.

Under no circumstances will we pass on your data to third parties, in particular to commercial companies in return for payment, for example.

On the other hand, the information collected may be transmitted to third parties linked to our company by contract for the execution of subcontracted tasks necessary for the management of your account, your orders and payments.

You can access and modify your contact information at any time, either in your customer area or by writing to us (see "How can I contact you?").

In order to ensure the continuity of our service, we particularly invite you to do so in the following cases: - temporary or permanent change of delivery address - change of bank details

You can do this at any time by contacting us. We will process your request in compliance with the French Data Protection Act.

What should I do if I haven't found an answer to my question?

Simply contact us (see "How can I contact you"). We'll get back to you as soon as possible.