Nikka from the barrel 51.4°.

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Cereals - Strong spices - Flowers - Fruits




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Nikka from the barrel 51,4° : Description and customer reviews

"From the barrel", Nikka's star whisky, is a blend of the group's single malts(Miyagikyo and Yoichi) and a grain whisky.

A must!

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose seems balanced and structured. The fruit (mainly apricot) responds to the malted cereals while a slightly smoky touch seems to be approaching. After a few moments, the flowers appear, bringing a bouquet of lilac, lily and magnolia. Sweet spices such as nutmeg finally join this rather complete profile.

The opening reveals leather and baked apples with brown sugar. The dilution removes the heavier notes. The nose is therefore lighter and spring-like, revolving mainly around buttered apples and flowers. The spices are not very powerful but change the register (pepper, clove).

The texture, on the palate, is quite lively but allows for a nice explosiveness. The slightly smoky cereals are mixed with brown sugar baked apples. Then we continue our exploration with flowers (lilac, roses), more heady than on the nose. The more robust spices (pepper, clove) then leave an interesting mark. The whole remains sufficiently sweet and is therefore not drying.
The dilution intermingles the aromas while making it easier to drink.

The finish is rather punchy with sugar apples, well enhanced by clove and pepper. A comforting warmth, combined with the spicy sweetness, lingers before apple and nutmeg flavours break through. The dilution calms the spiciness somewhat without making this a linear finish.

"An iconic Japanese blend, which exploits both fruity and spicy flavours... "

3 opinion

  1. Guillaume

    Very smooth despite the alcohol content

  2. MABIL

    Nice bottle for an excellent product

  3. John Paul

    Not bad ...

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