Fanny Fougerat Cognac VSOP La Petite Cigüe 40°

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Wood - Complex - Sweet spices - Fresh - Fruit - Plants



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Fanny Fougerat Cognac VSOP La Petite Cigüe 40°: Description and customer reviews

4th generation of winegrower-distillers, Fanny Fougerat has taken over the family business with the leitmotiv of promoting know-how and, above all, revealing the typicity of its eaux-de-vie.

From the vine to distillation, and then during maturation, Fanny Fougerat strives for freshness, finesse and, above all, precision.

Its VSOP Petite Cigüe cognac is a fine example.

This is a cognac without artifice, to be enjoyed without complexes.

A true auteur cognac, Fanny Fougerat's Petite Cigüe is made from grapes grown in the Fin Bois area.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is deliciously candied, despite its relative youth, which still gives it some freshness. The naturalness of the grape brandy is still present, with some green and fruity notes, but all this is adorned with a lovely, slightly peppery patina.

Aeration brings out a slightly more rustic, farmhouse character, with a hint of oxidized apple acidity and earthy pepper. The fruit is riper, later, and the cognac gains in thickness.

The palate is soft but complex, with a beautiful sequence of flavors that starts right from the attack. A hint of marc offers a dry, vegetal, catchy touch in the first moments, before a soft, gently spicy wood takes over. Fresh, dried fruit ensures a lively mid-palate, which then gives us a drier, spicier touch again.

The finish is greedy and pastry-like, full of almond and candied vegetables.

"Quite a program, this cognac, which reveals many facets throughout the tasting...".

In cocktails

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