The color of rum

The color of rum can range from completely transparent to deep black. However, at the exit of the still, the rums are invariably translucent, without any exception. It is in contact with the wood that they later gain different tints, more or less sustained, more or less rich. [...]

How to store rum?

If you are a long-time lover of spirits or a future one, you will have noticed that the bottles accumulate quickly according to the coups de coeur, the discoveries and the different opportunities that are offered to us. We often have a tendency to collect more than what a reasonable consumption allows us to drink, so the question of conservation is a key issue for [...]

Our visit to the Tonnellerie Allary

To follow up our article on cooperage, we went to Archiac, in Charente-Maritime, where we visited our partner, Tonnellerie Allary. They are able to manufacture many types of containers, from the 1 litre mini cask to the 34,500 litre truncated cone tank, not forgetting the [...]

What is the best rum?

This is a difficult question to answer, as the current offer is so immense. We all have our own ideas, and each of us has our own favourites. But the important thing is that you find YOUR best rum! So when we are asked what the best rums are, we first ask what that means.

For Valentine's Day, we love the cane!

With Valentine's Day approaching, you're thinking of giving your significant other a spirit gift, and that's a great idea! The choice can be complicated, and to help you, we have already concocted an article entitled "Which rum to offer? But for this special occasion, Valentine's Day, we wanted to offer you some ideas.

Our little rum lexicon

Rum has its own vocabulary, its own jargon, and it is not always easy to find your way around. Even seasoned enthusiasts wonder about concepts that can be vague, and therefore sometimes distracted from their true meaning. However, it is important to be able to understand and decipher the labels, as well as the sometimes rather [...]

Which rum to offer?

You want to give a rum as a gift, what a great idea! Here's a gift that always makes an impact. Rum is synonymous with joy, taste, refinement, elegance, and sometimes madness, depending on the mood. It's a very vast universe, and that's precisely what makes us so passionate. But you can imagine [...]

How to taste a rum?

When you are new to this world, tasting a rum may seem like a complex ceremony, to be carried out according to the rules of the art, or else you risk a mistake in taste. However, it is a simple and convivial pleasure, without any snobbery, which can be best enjoyed by following a few tips. First of all, you should know [...]

The art of aging rums

The rum that comes out of the still or the distillation column can follow different paths. White rum can be bottled as it is, or almost as it is, or it can be aged for a few months, a few years, or for a very long time. In this article, we invite you to discover the secrets of aged rums. The ages of rums [...]