Twelve Guyana Jamaica 63.5°

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Fruit - Mineral - Solvent - Roasting


Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût

Coup de coeur

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Twelve Guyana Jamaica 63.5°: Description and customer reviews

Twelve Guyana Jamaïque is an original blend of 4 casks, one from Guyana ( Diamond distillery) and 3 from Jamaica ( Monymusk, Worthy Park and Hampden distilleries).

The rums are 7-8 years old, and bottled "brut de fût", in Aubrac, by the Twelve distillery.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, the sweet tartness of Jamaican rums marks its territory. Here we are in a world of full-bodied, fragrant English-style rums, where very ripe exotic fruits reign supreme. A few roasted, oxidized nuts provide the backdrop, and walnuts offer a beautiful relief and density.

Aeration removes this fruity, tropical air, slightly soaked in solvent, to reveal much deeper, melting notes of prunes and walnuts. It's Guyana talking now, reminding us of the heyday of British navy rums.

The palate is powerful and punchy, but also offers a certain fatness that is immediately reassuring. It oscillates between the acidity of big Jamaican rums swollen with dunder, and the rough, powdery texture of old Demerara. In any case, we're dealing with a fine concentration of fruit, encased in a well toasted cask, whose wood transpires maple syrup, cooked sugar and soy sauce.

On the finish, the well-settled molasses rolls over the walnut, coating it completely.

"The two rums blended here were made to get along, and will still find beautiful pairings to make in cocktails..."

7 opinion

  1. Tony

    One of the most interesting rums I've ever tasted.

  2. Delphine DOLMETTA

    Very good

  3. Kargoles

    More Guyana than Jamaican, but a very fine blend.

  4. Je Rhum

    Excellent value for money


    NIckel ... high-end for a price that isn't

  6. Cyrille

    Good attitude

  7. Benoit Moreau

    I've already tasted this rum as a sample, which made me want to buy it. A real treat, like all the other products from this bottler.

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