Santiago De Cuba 8 years 40°.

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Santiago De Cuba 8 years 40° : Description and customer reviews

Santiago De Cuba 8 ans is a light molasses rum, produced according to ancestral traditions in the Santiago de Cuba region. The sugar cane benefits from the proximity of the sea and the typical tropical microclimate of the city, with warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year.

Distilled in the south of the island by Cuba Ron S.A., this rum benefits from 8 years of maturation in old oak barrels. The ageing process is natural, i.e. no additives or sugar is added.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is marked by a certain youthfulness, a certain fruity and abundant gaiety that takes us through an orchard full of pears and apples. Many of them are quite ripe and have already fallen to the ground, they thus carry a small oxidized which brings them closer to cider.

With aeration, we leave Normandy for the Gers, as our cider side would now have a tendency to take on an Armagnac feel. The slightly oxidized fruit is still there, but it's caught in an almond powder cake batter, with a touch of pit that evokes cherry clafoutis.

On the palate, the almond fruit pastes make us oscillate once again between calvados and armagnac, before a small caramelized and slightly liquorice touch brings us back to the ranks of rum and molasses.

The finish is greedy and pastry-like, almonds and kernels dilute for a long time on the palate.

"A surprising profile that takes us to several spiritual destinations..."

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