Appleton Estate 21 years 43°.

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Appleton Estate 21 years 43° : Description and customer reviews

A certain rarity, as it is produced in a limited edition (12,000 bottles, which is not very many compared to the production of this world-renowned distillery), Appleton Estate 21 years old is a collector's rum and also promises an unforgettable tasting moment.

This aged rum is a blend of several vintages scrupulously selected by the distillery's cellar master for their exceptional aromatic qualities. These rums, which are at least 21 years old, are then matured for a further year to create a harmonious composition.

A gold medal at the Monde Selection Trophy recognises the unique qualities of this rum.

Laurent's tasting note

21 years in casks have given the Appleton Estate a deep copper colour.

On the nose, what is immediately striking is its balance. The woodiness is fine, the alcohol is present but well blended and no one aroma takes precedence over the others. Vanilla, floral notes, almond, wood and orange form a winning team.

On the palate, the attack is lively and greedy at the same time (without being sweet). The cask is more present here than on the nose, but it blends very well with the molasses and brings us notes of nuts.

This nutty flavour is found once the rum is drunk.
The finish is relatively dry but long. A mixture of brown sugar and wood accompany us for several minutes after tasting.

"The 21 years spent in casks have tamed the more extreme aspects of this Jamaican rum. Appleton gives us here a model of balance, without being boring. Bravo!"

On video

This rum is part of the Jamaica Discovery Pack that we tasted live with Olivier Scars, in a video to be found on our Youtube channel.

6 opinion

  1. Émilie VERNET

    The person to whom we offered it, complimented us on it and he is a rum lover.

  2. VG

    Superb rum!

  3. VG

    A top, certainly not cheap but a top. I won't get into the game of identifying the different flavours, but what a pleasure!

  4. Thomas Lods

    A very good product, there is nothing to criticise

  5. Arnaud

    Jamaica has given us the best of reggae and the best of rum. To be reserved, however, for connoisseurs and others curious about new taste experiences. To be enjoyed as an after-dinner drink, and in small groups to make the pleasure last!

  6. Antonio

    A massacre

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