Compagnie des Indes Jamaica Clarendon 8 years 2013 59.4°.

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Compagnie des Indes Jamaica Clarendon 8 years 2013 59,4° : Description and customer reviews

Compagnie des Indes Jamaica Clarendon 8 year old is a Jamaican molasses rum. The Clarendon distillery is known for its light rums (used in the composition of the famous Captain Morgan), but it is also famous among enthusiasts for its Monymusk brand.

For this brand, as for the bottling we are interested in here, the distillery uses traditional pot-stills which allow to obtain very aromatic rums representative of the island's traditions.

This single cask was distilled in March 2013. It was aged for 8 years and will be bottled as a cask strength in April 2021.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, a small vanilla syrup with a hint of exotic fruits from the past immediately takes us into a warmly tropical atmosphere. Deep notes of fermented molasses bring out an almost animal character with a hint of green olive brine. However, this is not at all wild, it is contained, controlled and not without a certain freshness.

The aeration brings a little creaminess to the whole, so the sweet spices are caught in a soft and delicate syrup, which does not attenuate their perfume, on the contrary.

The palate is fruity, pastry-like and slightly organic, in short, everything you'd expect from a Jamaican rum. The exotic, copper-tinged fruits have a furious urge to let the horses go, but they are skilfully contained by a rather soft, vanilla-like woodiness. Thus, a nice balance is established, without extinguishing the gourmet intensity.

The finish is both pastry and dry, with dark currants and savoury stone brandy.

"A fine example of what Jamaica has to offer, all with a not inconsiderable amount of control..."


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