Ferroni Rhum Coffee 40° (French)

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Sweet spices - Round - Roasting


Liqueur à base de rhum - Rhum

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Ferroni Rhum Café 40°: Description and customer reviews

Ferroni Rhum Café is the result of the association of two local companies, Maison Ferroni in Marseille and Cafés Maurice in Toulon. Two passions and two skills, for a unique result in the mouth.

This rum-based liqueur delivers warm and delicate aromas, combining the notes of a finely roasted coffee and a woody, sun-drenched rum.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the freshly roasted coffee takes us straight to the roaster's workshop, where delicious scents of toast, coffee of course, but also cocoa, cereals, leather, vanilla and liquorice wood reign.

In the mouth, we appreciate an authentic and natural coffee flavor, perfectly balanced by the sweetness of rum. It is the toasted and greedy character that predominates in the middle of the mouth, then the coffee lovers will be able to enjoy a nice bitterness that pulls on the cocoa in the finish.

"A very nice success that this liqueur with authentic flavors and very greedy ... "

In video

On our Youtube channel, find our meeting with Aurélien Mondon, cellar master of the Ferroni House. He tasted with us the Ferroni Rhum Café in the context of the box of the month.


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