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La Favorite Rivière Bel Air 2020 53°: Description and customer reviews

This exceptional AOC Martinique white agricultural rum is both single-varietal and plot-based. Only the red cane is grown on the small 4 hectare Bel'Air plot, on the edge of the river.

After a fairly long fermentation of 3 days, the rum was distilled in May 2020 and bottled in October. It benefited from a reduction and slow brewing to develop a nice complexity and citrus notes.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, we find a sweet and fruity cane, greedy and acidulous. It is coloured by delicate red fruits, but also by more powerful exotic fruits. Its herbaceous side is very soft, moving towards velvety aromas, very pleasant.

The aeration makes the profile evolve towards something more earthy, more rustic, without losing the greedy character. The slightly more fermentative notes take us to pickles, olives and even truffles. All this is flavoured with black pepper and exotic touches.

On the palate, the peppery cane typical of the La Favorite style is accompanied by some notes of steamed vegetables and black olive. It also offers a very sweet side, without being too round or coated. This is an authentic and delicious agricultural rum with candied citrus accents.

The finish is soft and round, with a sweet cane that leans towards liquorice.

"A 2020 harvest full of fruit and roundness, balanced by a tasty pepperiness..."

In comparison, La Favorite Bel Air 2019 had a very similar profile. The sweet, gourmet cane was already present, and the palate was still a little more oily. Pepper and a touch of olive were also the order of the day, though with a smokiness that has disappeared on the 2020 vintage.

3 opinion

  1. francis boussougouth

    Do you know anyone who would dare criticize the favorite

  2. francis boussougouth

    Excellent as usual.

  3. Remazeilles

    A good rum at a reasonable price in mainland France

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