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Plantation Rum Barbados XO 20th Anniversary 40° : Description and customer reviews

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum is made from a blend of the oldest Barbadian reserves of the Ferrand House (between 12 and 20 years). After many years spent in the tropical latitudes of the West Indies, these rums are then taken to the Château de Bonbonnet to be worked on by the cellar master. The blend is then left in small cognac casks for a period of 12 to 18 months. This double ageing system gives Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary a great maturity and a nobility of character.

Laurent's tasting note

Its dress is amber.

On the nose, it is the toasted (or even fried) coconut that immediately comes to the fore and is more and more present! Vanilla and orange reinforce the greedy side of this rum.

In the mouth it is also greedy and soft (without being too sweet). It is the vanilla that comes to the fore and relegates the coconut to second place. The texture of this rum is also greedy.

The finish is coconutty and not just a little. There is also the sensation of something fatty and unctuous.

In video

This rum is part of the Discovery pack for sweet rums that we tasted live with Marc Goubert, a specialist in Latin rums, in a video to be found on our Youtube channel.

8 visitor reviews and 20 reviews

  1. Theo

    Suitable for bourbon lovers as an introduction to the world of rum.

  2. Renaud CLEMENT

    Excellent value for money

  3. Ju R

    A very smooth, creamy tasting rum. Great to serve to guests to impress.

  4. Thomas

    Very easy to drink and not very complex but very pleasant and greedy without excess of sweetness

  5. Loic Sutre

    Excellent rum


    A rum that was unanimously appreciated by our numerous guests and the bottle regaled us to the last drop in a few days...

  7. Michel Choquart

    Very good rum

  8. Laurence Joffraud

    A real rum for the girls :-)

  9. Philippe DIETSCH

    Excellent Rum

  10. Customer

    A good way to start with molasses rums, you have to take your time to taste it and enjoy the evolution of the nose as you taste it

  11. Mr GALLOIS Jimmy

    Perfect and delicious

  12. Elise Brasselet

    Waiting for a good opportunity to open it, very very nice bottle, very nice packaging! Fast delivery! Supeeer


    I love the almond and toasted coconut notes in this rum

  14. Florence B

    Excellent rum, very complex and refined

  15. bernard

    Typical rum, i.e. very much depending on personal taste.

  16. Isco Fut

    Perfect, thank you

  17. Florence B

    Second order of this exceptional product. I'm still very happy with it, and so are my guests

  18. Joris Deshayes

    Excellent value for money

  19. CC thirteen

    excellent *****



  21. Pierre Jaussi

    An incredible rum that is quite open to the taste buds of many.

  22. Sylvain Adragna

    Cocorico, the French touch from Charente has struck again!

  23. Peniche

    OK, it's a very good rum, but three times more expensive than the Diplomatico Reserva. Three times better... not sure.

  24. Claire

    A delight! I come back to it very often, it's my favourite.

  25. Valentin

    Excellent value for money. A sure value.

  26. Olivier

    A magnificent "canapé" rum. To be drunk (in moderation) with connoisseur friends...

  27. Graziella

    For a slightly higher budget than other very good rums (such as Diplo Reserva Exclusiva) it is really better. I always like to come back to it and it always pleases the people I give it to.

  28. Marie

    It's delicious with coconut and caramel. Great value for money.
    The package is quick and neat!

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