Savanna Bois Rouge 57

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Roasting


Rum - Pure cane juice rum


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Savanna Bois Rouge 57° : Description and customer reviews

Savanna Bois Rouge is an agricultural rum from Reunion Island which celebrates in 2022 the thirtieth anniversary of the distillery's move. Indeed, after more than a century of existence on the west coast in Saint-Paul, Savanna moved in 1992 to the Bois Rouge estate in Saint André.

It is a rum that has been distilled from pure sugar cane juice, and that has benefited from a long maturation in oak barrels. It comes from the assembly of six barrels selected with a very particular care by Thierry Grondin.

This special edition is limited to 3200 bottles.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose first shows a tartness, like a sugar crunch with fruity undertones. Behind this fresh, colorful curtain is a dark, wet oak, lined with molasses, coffee and roasted nut paste.

With aeration, the two sides of the rum unite and blend to create a rather unique profile. The complexity is there, and we discover a kind of nougat or marzipan injected with colored fruits, then all in turn highlighted with citrus and honey.

In the mouth, we immediately take a bite of nougat, soft woody, even putty. It is the umami side of this rum that strikes first, with its regressive side reminiscent of play dough. The depth and tropicality of a well-fermented rum comes next, with ripe exotic fruits that quickly become coated in honey.

The finish is tasty, it continues on the greedy wood and sweet spices, with a little almond sweetness.

"It's a pleasure to see Savanna create her own style in assembly..."

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  1. Emilie

    Very good, glad to have discovered this rum.

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