Savanna Le Must 45° (French)

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Complex - Sweet spices - Fruit - Roasting


Rhum - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse

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Savanna Le Must 45° : Description and customer reviews

Savanna Le Must is a blend of traditional molasses rums with great aromas, elaborated and aged in Réunion. The Savanna distillery is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, north of the commune of Saint-Paul since 1992.

The rum is distilled in stills and aged for up to 9 years in French oak barrels. This is a "small batch": a few barrels are then selected by the master blender Thierry Grondin to make each cuvée.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the entry is through a small fruit salad in syrup. The pear, mango and cherry are initially quite fresh and pale, shielding themselves in the shade of a small film of crunchy sugar.

With aeration, the lightness and freshness are preserved, but the fruit is coated with a toasted woodiness, itself covered with a thin layer of honey with sweet spices. This light patina tempers the roasted character of the oak, thus preserving the delicacy of the fruit.

The mouth is more complex than we could have imagined, and shows several facets in a few fractions of a second. Let's try a slow motion, to see what happens. First, the toasted woodiness brings up a small cloud of sweet spices, which come to rest on a bed of roasted and caramelized pecans. Then the fruit salad encountered on the nose goes through the cooking, the fruits strengthen, tropicalize, caramelize, their pits resurface.

The finish is both roasted and pastry, with pits, red fruit tannins, and then a layer of ripe exotic fruit that maintains the length.

"The tasting of this rum allows to understand its name, so much the various facets of Savanna are represented there... ".

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  1. Laure DJOHARI

    A rum with powerful aromas, however in the mouth, an unexpected sweetness very pleasant.

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