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Trois Rivieres Teeling Finish 43°: Description and customer reviews

Trois Rivières Teeling Finish is an aged rum (minimum 3 years) from Martinique. It is therefore, as required by theMartinique AOC, an agricultural rum made from pure sugarcane juice.

The particularity of this cuvée is that it has been finished in whiskey casks. This 8-month finish in ex-Teeling Irish whiskey casks gives it malt notes that blend harmoniously with its fruit aromas. At the same time, Teeling has also released a whisky finished in Trois Rivières rum barrels. A nice cultural exchange!

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, there is a nice balance between rum and whisky. One is even surprised that the combination has been so little achieved so far. The fat and powdery woodiness of the agricultural rum is made even sweeter by the malted cereals, while the freshness of the cane meets the slightly coppery taste of the whisky.

The aeration considerably evacuates the whisky, and we find ourselves in front of a basket of swollen fruits. These are mostly dried fruits (apricot, prune, fig), rolled in a mixture of gourmet spices.

The attack on the palate is marked by sparkling spices and an old woodiness that has not lost its frankness. The tannins have something earthy about them, as if caught by a pepper dust with mineral accents. The nuts have not been separated from their husk, so the rum catches the taste buds with a rather dry sensation. As for the cane, it presents itself in a rather young light, with its vegetal character, its freshness, the bitterness of the lime zest, and still a lot of pepper.

The finish is reminiscent of an authentic AOC Martinique rum, at this point one has completely forgotten the whisky.

"A nice synergy between rum and whisky that knows how to fade away when the time comes..."

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  1. Didier Decart

    It's really because I love Teeling that I made the effort. Without being bad, this association does not break three legs to a duck 😉

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