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Nine Leaves Angel's Half American Oak Cask 50°: Description and customer reviews

This Nine Leaves Angel's, distilled twice from unrefined brown sugar and aged in American oak barrels, comes from the tiny traditional Japanese distillery in the town of Otsu, near Lake Biwa, east of Kyoto.

Yoshiharu Takeuchi, the master distiller trained at the Chichibu whisky distillery, supervised the production of this rum from A to Z. He personally numbered each bottle.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is simple and balanced, with cane, caramelised sugar, and some twirling flowers. The woodiness is light and discreet, but it certainly frames the rum with a hint of sulphur and straw. Aeration develops a profile that is very close to whisky. Nuts, malted cereals, slightly bitter fruits, the parallel is striking.

The palate attacks on this very whisky profile, with a fairly dry woodiness and slightly roasted cereals. The fruits were taking their momentum so far, they finally take off with the banana in the lead. The spices are embodied by a peppery vanilla of very good tone, which brings a nice hold.

The finish is light, despite a rum that concentrates on the tongue, taking on the air of milk caramel, even chocolate.

"The resemblance to a whisky is really striking...

3 reviews

  1. Alain MASSARD

    une distillerie mythique tout simplement, mythique avant l'heure!

  2. Muzafer Muric

    Magical company. Easy, fast and magically packaged. I will order again soon. Many thanks

  3. Aurélie

    Excellent rum, it is close to whisky. Pleasant discovery

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