Karukera 11 year old 2006 Cask n°65 48,3°.

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Wooden box


Rum - Pure cane juice rum

Special feature

Brut de fût

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Karukera 11 year old 2006 Cask n°65 48,3°: Description and customer reviews

This cask n°65 is the result of the very first ageing carried out by Karukera. Year after year, the cellar master has noted the exceptional character of the rum aged in this French oak cask.
It was the angels' share that brought this single cask to its bottling degree of 48.3°, and it is therefore a brut de fût.

Each bottle is numbered and presented in this case made of French oak, in homage to the cask that housed this precious eau-de-vie for 11 years.

Tasting note

Pending our own tasting note, here are the aromas noted by the importer: a nose of candied oranges, sugar cane and spices; a complex, warm, exotic and mineral palate, with sweet spices; a long and fresh finish.


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