1 free sample!

For every cart of at least 1 euro purchased in the Cellar, we offer you a product (sample, gift card valid indefinitely, or even a bottle over a certain amount) to choose from a list of several products.

That's the rum attitude!

Go to your cart: we'll have automatically inserted a free product that you can change in a drop-down list: we hope that at least one of the rums on offer will inspire you.

The list of goodies depends on the value of your cart.

It works in increments: 1-40€, 40€-50€, 50€-60€, 60€-80€, 80€-100€, 100€-200€, 200€-300€, 300€-400€, 400€-500€, 500€-750€, 750€-1000€, 1000€-1500€, 1500€-2000€, 2000€-3000€, 3000€-6000€, 6000€-10000€, 10000€ & +.

If you subsequently modify your cart AND change rate band

In this case, a new product is offered to replace the one previously inserted and the list is recalculated according to the amount of the new updated cart.

You can then select a different item again.

We change the lists regularly.

That way, from one order to the next, you'll have new goodies to choose from.

4 exceptions

Gift cards are not taken into account when they are purchased, but when they are used, just like other means of payment. This means they are not counted twice.

Similarly, intangible services such as tasting evenings are not included in the calculation.

A subscription to the Box of the Month, which already benefits from advantageous conditions (in particular, a significant reduction in shipping costs, a 5th bonus rum in June and December), is not taken into account in the calculation of the thresholds of the product offered. On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of your first box to add Cave products to your cart, they will be taken into account.

Finally, as the ageing casks are shipped directly from the manufacturer, we cannot include a gift. This absence of gifts allows us to keep our prices as low as possible.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

service.client@rhumattitude.com or 01 75 51 46 19