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Compagnie des Indes Jamaica 5 years Navy Strength 57°: Description and customer reviews

Compagnie des Indes Jamaica 5 years Navy Strength is one of the blends of the brand created by Florent Beuchet : conditioned at 57°, this rum is made without any added sugar.
It is also the expression of the island's terroir thanks to the selection of distilleries operated by the bottler.

“Navy strength” spirits, all at 57° , served as a daily ration for Her Majesty’s sailors. This high titration in fact protected the gunpowder taken on board the ships from possible clumsiness on the part of the sailors: even if some was poured on it, it continued to be combustible.
This rum is also the expression of the island's terroir thanks to the selection of distilleries operated by the bottler.

This traditional rum won the gold medal in its category at the 2015 Paris Rum Fest.

Nico's tasting notes

As with the smaller versions of this same rum, the banana dominates the nose. It's sometimes dried, sometimes cooked; we can also imagine its skin abandoned and blackened. The nose is greedy, and we can't wait to chew this rum. This heavy profile gains even more mellowness with a brioche well inflated by yeast. A cup of tea smokes next to this brioche, with a little marzipan in the cup.
With a little aeration, the rum reveals a softer character. The banana fades a little to make way for coconut and dried orange zest. It's still pastry, but the atmosphere is less heavy, more spicy and chocolaty. Exotic fruits rush in, blowing away the freshness of pineapple and mango. After a little rest, the thickness of the first nose returns, balanced by a herbaceous, resinous accent.

On the palate, the rum is lively and "in-your-face", both smoky and metallic. The storm has deposited a lovely dried banana flavor on the taste buds. The resin is still there, sticking and numbing the tongue. The finish oscillates between baker's yeast and a fresh, herbal tea bag.

To conclude the tasting, we have a fruit cake and marzipan competing for a full finish.

"This blend, which brings together several facets of Jamaica, is as gourmand as it is powerful, simply delicious..."

4 opinion

  1. lhussiez herve

    You have to prepare...the first tasting, a small sip it clearly warms the taste buds, a little burn...but then the tasting turns into a good treat and you don't get bored, I expected that and I appreciate. This is another great discovery.

  2. Othman Asmami

    A delicious rum with complex and surprising aromas! I really liked it!

  3. ERIC

    RAS ..................

  4. Detree SEBASTIEN

    I LOVE IT! lively, fruity and very easy to drink!

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