Isautier 3 arranged 20 cl in a 40° box

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Multi-bottle box


Rhum - Rhum arrangé


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Isautier 3 arranged of 20 cl in a box 40° : Description and customer reviews

An ideal box for discovering the Isautier distillery from Reunion.

You will be able to taste :

  • the "best seller" Isautier Arrangé Banane Flambée
  • Isautier Lemon GingerBlend
  • Isautier Arrangé Guava Rooibos

Each bottle is 20 cl.

6 reviews

  1. Mr. ANSEROUL Nicolas

    Fair notice. Product conforms. Fast and secure delivery.

  2. margot balois

    The bottles are small and super cute the rum is absolutely delicious!

  3. Jean-Paul

    Very good for discovering ISAUTIER's arranged rum

  4. Christophe De Meuter

    beautiful low

  5. Angela

    The order was efficient and the delivery was fast.
    No complaints about the quality

  6. Michel CAYLA

    A gift to a friend to test. I extend them with white rum, without added sugar because these little vials are made to stay at -22°C in the freezer and you feel less sugar. In the fridge (5°C) it's syrupy but it's a ready-made base if you haven't had time to macerate fruits and plants for 6 weeks in white rum and sugar. With a 50 cl flask, I make 1l of arranged rum without adding sugar (white rum and sometimes a little water if the mixture is a bit strong.

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