Arcane Extraroma in box of 2 40° glasses

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Set of 2 glasses


Wood - Fruit - Pastry chef - Round


Pure cane juice rum

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Arcane Extraroma in box of 2 40° glasses: Description and customer reviews

Attention collector's box! This is the last stock we have left, and it's sold out...

This set was indeed sold out years ago. We were able to recover the last of them. The bottle has changed design since...

The glasses will allow this rum from Mauritius to air out and reveal its full aromatic potential.

After many years spent in oak barrels stored in solera, Arcane Extraroma has developed a beautiful aromatic palette, both complex and supple.

Laurent's tasting notes

Pale gold in color.

On the nose, you immediately realize that you're looking at an atypical rum. The aroma you immediately detect is that of banana. The sweetness is reinforced by notes of English candy and vanilla.

On the palate, the same very fruity profile is maintained, followed by more discreet pastry aromas. All in all, this is a very smooth rum.

The finish is long, with... banana and vanilla. A touch of wood makes the finish more complex and a little drier.

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  1. Mrs SAUER

    As for the sample, it was a gift and my son-in-law said it's good.

  2. Moundir

    A beautiful box! But the rum was also a real winner. Drink it neat.

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