12 opaque glass bottles 1cl and aluminium cap PP18 with labels

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Glass bottle for sample

6,10  1 box

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54,90  10 boxes

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12 bottles opaque glass 1cl and aluminium cap PP18 with labels: Description and customer reviews

We save you the calculation:
6,10€ for 12 bottles = 51 cents per bottle
54,90€ for 120 bottles = 46 centimes per bottle, which is a saving of 10% compared to the boxes by unit

The same bottles also exist with a plastic cap, and in transparent glass.

To make your own samples and share your spirits with your community, we offer you this box of 12 bottles (empty) of 1 centilitre with for each bottle :
- its PP18 aluminum cap adapted to the neck of the bottle. It is slightly screwed on the bottle to prevent it from being damaged during the transport to your home
- its label adapted to the size of the bottle (30 mm x 20 mm - there are 13 in all in the box)
- dimensions: 59 mm height (closed cap) x 25 mm diameter (bottom of the bottle).

Please note: an opaque glass bottle allows better preservation of its contents. Indeed, spirits deteriorate in the light for a long time.

PP18 is a European standard (18 for 18 mm). This means that you can use the bottles with other types of PP18 capsules.

To minimize the risk of breakage during transport to your home, these bottles have been packaged directly by the manufacturer in individual compartments, in boxes of 12 bottles.

Moreover, you can reuse this box to send your samples.

We have other types of bottles for samples : discover our whole range!

Don't hesitate to get a mini stainless steel funnel to fill your bottles, and a mini syringe to remove any excess. Both are compatible with PP18 and PP28 bottles.


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