Bain's Cape Mountain South African Single Grain Whisky

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Bain's Cape Mountain South African Single Grain Whisky: Description and customer reviews

Released in 2009, this whisky from the James Sedgwick distillery can be described as a pioneer. Indeed, it is the first South African grain whisky.

Bain's Cape Mountain South African Single Grain Whisky spent three years in bourbon casks before spending a further two years in first fill bourbon barrels.

It was named best grain whisky at the World Whiskies Awards in 2013.

Our tasting note from Thomas

The nose offers the traditional delicacy of grain whisky. Indeed, almond cakes and egg cream mingle with pears in syrup. Some citrus notes (orange), shredded coconut, vanilla and toffee follow. Finally, a touch of rye makes its way to our nostrils.

The palate is not very powerful and carries these notes of almond cake. The egg cream is still there too, with some spices (ginger in particular, white pepper), rye, a little vanilla and coconut milk. Then there are light notes of popcorn and varnish. In fact, this palate remains really accessible and close to some American whiskeys.

The finish remains very soft, carried by almonds, caramel, vanilla and spices (pepper, ginger). The pastry and spicy elements remain on the palate.

" A grain whisky reminiscent of a bourbon with mellowed contours..."

5 opinion

  1. Austrachian

    Very good and original

  2. Marc

    Excellent although a bit young

  3. Nicolas

    A whisky that I tasted for the first time in Namibia, an exceptional taste, I fell in love (in moderation).
    I recommend it.

  4. Frederic Soulier

    Sweet and colourful

  5. Laetitia Mesnard

    Very good value for money

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