Baker's 7 years 53.5°.

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Baker's 7 Year Old 53.5°: Description and customer reviews

ThisKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, distilled in small batches, has been aged for 7 years in new oak barrels.

The batch number is indicated on the back label.

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose takes up the great themes of bourbon. Varnished wood, vanilla ice cream and shredded coconut are all present. However, poppy and dehydrated fruits (apple, banana) seem to be deposited on a noble wood board. The nose is lively and expressive, drifting gradually towards toasted bread, cinnamon and eucalyptus.

Theaeration brings some cereal notes. The dilution is not revolutionary but makes the whole more homogeneous. We then feel the arrival of oranges, milk cream, chocolate and flowers (lilac).

The texture, on the palate, is fluid with an obvious liveliness. The fruit has mutated and now seems centred on raspberry wafers, oranges and dehydrated banana. However, the classic notes are still there: vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and varnished wood. The second part of the palate is more vegetal with cut grass and eucalyptus. Raspberry and graphite then come back to the fore.
The dilution makes it even more approachable with a perfectly integrated fruity part. In addition, some flowers seem to be incorporated into the profile (rose, lilac).

The finish is rather opulent and rich. Slightly drier, carried by its woody impulses, it is vanilla and enriched with coconut and raspberry. Finally, graphite, fruit and spices fade into a vegetal atmosphere (cut grass, eucalyptus). The addition of water reinforces the impact of the raspberry and coconut while preserving the woody patina. Similarly, flowers appear (rose, geranium)

"A rich bourbon that combines classicism with exuberant fruitiness... "

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  1. Stéphane Ti'verre

    On the nose 👃🏻: this is a very spicy juice that delivers a predominantly nutty note with a good dose of cinnamon too, then vanilla and clove to a lesser extent. It offers a nice concentration of flavours. The old oak wood is quite marked and becomes more and more greedy as the minutes go by, more caramelised and with toasted notes.

    On the palate 👅 it's very round, suave and concentrated there too. We find hazelnuts in the foreground with a strongly bousin oak, very intense. The cinnamon and clove spices develop in the middle of the mouth, with the addition of ginger which brings spiciness and a good freshness. The cask wood is really predominant, delivering a very charred aspect with toasted hazelnuts, reminiscent of a bit of leather.

    The finish is long, with lighter notes. The oak is a bit more neutral, accompanied by caramel and vanilla. The spices soften with, despite everything, a note of rye that keeps the palate alert 👌

    Verdict ⚡️: despite being a brut de fût, this bourbon does not overly assault. The spices express themselves well alongside the heavily buxom oak but the intensity remains moderate. This is a good point for those who have difficulty with very high proof BDFs. There is a nice concentration of flavours with typical Jim Beam notes 🤠

  2. Mark

    Incredible bourbon

  3. Y. Deroo.

    An excellent bourbon that is not easy to find!

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