Bellevoye White Whisky from France Triple Malt Sauternes Finish 40°.

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Bellevoye White Whisky from France Triple Malt Sauternes Finish 40°: Description and customer reviews

In keeping with all the other whiskies in the range, Bellevoye Blanc Finition Sauternes is produced entirely in France.

This unpeated triple malt is the result of a blend of three whiskies. Each of them comes from a different French distillery and has been aged between 3 and 8 years before converging in the Charente in the cellars of the "Bienheureux".

After blending, Bellevoye Blanc rests for 6 months in barrels that previously contained Sauternes.

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose is rather shy and sweet. Dried fruits (almonds in particular) are slightly caramelised and come with a touch of sulphur. The spices then take off with cloves and ginger, although they eventually subside. Gradually we discover nougat, green almonds, cooked apricots and vanilla. It is thus the greediness that takes the ascendancy.

The palate is quite soft with a moderate emancipation of the flavours. We smell again the apricots and almonds which are bathed in a very sweet bath (refined sugar). Little by little, they are joined by spices (cinnamon, ginger). However, a honeyed patina maintains a certain roundness within this tasting.

The finish is quite short with dried fruits, honey and hazelnuts. Then we perceive a return of sugar with a little ginger. A touch of stevia appears at the very end of the tasting.

3 opinion

  1. Arnaud Chenel

    Simply excellent

  2. Chantal ROBERT

    Great whisky and especially French !!!!!

  3. loic gautier

    Perfect nothing more to say

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