Boca Loca Maracuja 40

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Cachaça (Brésil) - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Boca Loca Maracuja 40°: Description and customer reviews

Boca Loca Maracuja is a passion fruit flavoured version of Boca Loca cachaça.
Like Boca Loca, this cachaça is made by fermenting pure sugarcane juice grown by hand. The entire production process is carried out according to the traditions of the estate located north of Rio de Janeiro.

In the making of the caipirinha, the Boca Loca maracuja brings originality to the cocktail. It can also be enjoyed dry or on the rocks.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose the maracuja is very ripe. The alcohol takes the form of lychee and heady rose water. These very strong aromas are reminiscent of a candy, a lollipop, a very sweet confectionery. The tangy aromas of raspberry and passion fruit are reminiscent of syrup-based ice cream. With rest, the fruits gain in thickness and maturity, one guesses a very ripe papaya.
Aeration allows other fruits to enter the round: pineapple is added to the bouquet of ripe exotic fruits. The confectionery side is not forgotten, as is the unusual lychee chewing gum. These fruits are so tangy that they make you forget that you are dealing with a spirit drink.

On the palate, a concentrated fruit juice hits the taste buds. It's so intense and tangy that you can't really tell whether it's natural fruit or candy, which is often the case with ripe maracujas. The lychee is always among the fruits that come out on top, this time with a refreshing touch of melon. The whole thing could be reminiscent of a sorbet with slightly sour pieces of maracuja.

In the end, this Boca Loca lives up to its name, it is exalted and very strong in aroma. On the other hand, it is not too sweet and some notes of maracuja and citrus fruit persist without heaviness.


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