Christian Drouin XO Pays d'Auge 40° (French)

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Wood - Strong spices - Fruits



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Christian Drouin XO Pays d'Auge 40° : Description and customer reviews

Christian Drouin XO Calvados is a blend of several vintages aged in small casks, all distilled twice after a long fermentation.

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose concentrates aromas of baked apples. Enriched with butter, they seem to melt. However, peripheral notes appear: almonds, leather, apricot jam and some pear quarters. Sweet spices (white pepper, cumin), encaustic and a milky aspect come later.

The texture, on the palate, is silky and the character is clearly assertive. The baked apples are still there, but they are accompanied by a drier profile. Spices (cinnamon, cumin) and encaustic meet the powdered almonds with a woody touch (apple seeds). After the sweetness, there is a reversal of style, suggesting complexity.

The finish is medium and mellow, carrying the tenderness of apples. Then the spices and the wood come to life without excessive violence. One even discovers a little bitter freshness (cardamom, liquorice).

"A calvados that respects the apples while offering a nice spicy and woody patina... "

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  1. Francois

    Always very good products from this house

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