Corman Collins Arturo Makasare 55 Aniversario 42.8°

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Wood - Sweet spices - Round - Roasting


Traditional Spanish rum (Ron)

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Corman Collins Arturo Makasare 55 Aniversario 42.8°: Description and customer reviews

This Dominican "ron" was selected and bottled by Corman Collins on the occasion of its 55th anniversary.

This limited edition is a blend of 25- and 30-year-old rums.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is enveloped in a gourmand nougatine, with caramel and roasted nuts, and a hint of vanilla and coconut liqueur. Cocoa and roast are not far away, but are tempered by the ambient roundness.

Aeration reinforces the caramel, which is now fully released. The nougatine and roasted almond flavors are intense, but still round.

The palate is defined by a definite roundness, which is immediately balanced by a strongly toasted woodiness that gives off flavors of black coffee and cocoa. A little oily, slightly coppery fruit paste catches us on the mid-palate. It adds a burst of character reminiscent of the tarry identity of Trinidad rums.

The finish is very round and sweet, with liquorice and vanilla molasses sticking to the lips for a long time.

"A very round concentration of vanilla and caramelized oak, with an interesting mid-palate character..."



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