Damoiseau Gold 40

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Sweet spices - Flowers - Fruit - Round - Plant


Rhum - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Damoiseau Gold 40° : Description and customer reviews

Damoiseau Gold is an amber or "wood-aged" rum from the famous Grande-Terre distillery. It is on this territory of Guadeloupe that the cane used to make Damoiseau agricultural rum is grown. The rum distilled in columns is rested in oak casks of various capacities (from 10 to 36,000 litres). It rests there for at least 12 months, to acquire a nice suppleness. It also gains a slight woody tinge and aromas of sweet spices.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, a vegetal and honeyed candy is unpacked in the glass, with an expressive cane juice carried by a certain sweetness. One can perceive notes of fermentation which bring out a certain rustic character, rounded off by notes of spring honey.

The aeration further enhances this honeyed sensation, relying primarily on floral and gently vegetal notes, rather than sweetness. The cane juice is coated with this golden patina, giving it a velvety air.

The palate is sweet and full of cane, with a lovely rustic, fermented character that floats in a syrupy fruit salad. The pepper adds a little more consistency and intensity on the mid-palate, but delicacy remains the key word.

On the finish, the vegetal register takes over, still with a hint of fermentation that gives us some touches of resin and iodine.

"A mixture of rusticity and softness, an authentic cliché of vesou..."

2 reviews

  1. Loïc BONNIN

    A little light but good aromas

  2. Alain Beetschen

    Not yet tasted.

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