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Diplomatico Ambassador 47° : Description and customer reviews

Diplomático Ambassador is a top-of-the-range rum that appeals to Ron lovers the world over. It is made from a careful blend of the best vintages aged for a minimum of 12 years in the Venezuelan distillery's barrels. After blending, Diplomático Ambassador then spends two years in casks that previously contained Spanish sherry.

Diplomático Ambassador is bottled unfined, i.e. without the addition of water. Its 47° alcohol content supports a rich aromatic palette and the design of the bottle expresses its majestic character.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is dark caramel with red reflections.

On the nose, we have a fine, pleasant and greedy rum. In terms of the aromatic profile, quite a lot is going on: the nuts are roasted, vanilla and caramelised, while the woodiness is spicy and roasted (the chocolate comes out more and more as the rum airs). The whole is not too heavy thanks to the presence of a certain freshness.

On the palate, the attack is sweet and spicy, even slightly spicy (pepper). The rest is even sweeter, even liquorish. We find a good part of the aromas of the nose, with chocolate, wood, caramel and vanilla.

The finish is long with roasted, woody and vanilla notes. The whole is warm. There is also an impression of sugar, which was very present in the mouth and which persists here.

4 opinion

  1. Pence

    Imbalance between alcohol and flavours

  2. Julien

    Excellent bottle!

  3. Jean Salomone

    Top classic rums

  4. Aïda Claveria

    The rum is excellent, the presentation magnificent

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