Don Papa Masskara 40

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Spiced or infused rum

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Don Papa Masskara 40° : Description and customer reviews

Don Papa Masskara is an infused rum made from molasses that comes from sugar cane grown on Negros Island, Philippines.

Once the rum is produced, it is mixed with an infusion distilled in the manner of a gin. The infused ingredients are local, they are calamansi (a kind of lime), the small pepper siling labuyo as well as honey from Mount Kanla-on.

This vintage pays tribute to a Philippine festival of the same name that has been held every year since 1980 on the island of Negros. This event is nicknamed the "Festival of Smiles".

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, we discover a well rounded liqueur, full of orange peel and pulp, but also largely enhanced by vanilla. A little cherry bubblegum side develops with time, then we detect a small vegetable and spicy point.

In the mouth, we find our orange liqueur, drily raised by a spicy side which makes the papillae sparkle but which calms down very quickly. Followed by acidulous flavors and a very round, very sweet sensation, reminiscent of lemon candies.

"A small candy at the same time well rounded, acidulous and raised of a point of pepper... "


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