Doorly's Rum 14 years 48°.

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Doorly's Rum 14 years 48° : Description and customer reviews

Doorly's 14 Year Old is a blend of rums distilled by Foursquare in column and pot still (for complexity and depth).

Aged entirely in American white oak barrels in the tropics, this rum has been reduced to a 48° proof to fully express its richness.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is soft and velvety. As in a milk chocolate, one guesses a heavy and deep texture, a velvet with comfortable folds. The fruits take the lead, with orange peel in the lead, with exotic fruits in syrup caught in its patina.

With aeration, the soft, full wood offers us notes of tobacco, mellow and toasted coconut. Its white fibre is a fleshy, caramelised juice. The toasted oak brings a little frame and character with time, this is a complete rum that will be hard to resist.

On the palate, the rum is balanced and flavoursome. The woody concentration abounds with aromas of cocoa, toasted coconut, dark vanilla and sweet oak. The spices are taut, flavourful, like a variety of rich, exotic peppers.

The finish gives way to velvety fruit, candied orange peel and dark chocolate.

"A rum of formidable efficiency, greedy and concentrated..."

6 reviews

  1. EBERT Marie-Agnès

    Delicious, I had the Doorlys 12 year old already, and now the 14 year old is just incredible.

  2. Axel

    Rum rather round but a powerful side which is appreciable, personally a little expensive

  3. stephane

    Very good well balanced

  4. philippe havard

    Excellent, I am a fan of rum from Barbados, foursquare in particular which distills doorly's.

  5. Luca piasentier

    It's not the taste I'm looking for

  6. david hurel

    one of the best old rum for my taste, of course, very fragrant

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