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Back Maderas Luxus 10+5 40° : Description and customer reviews

Dos Maderas Luxus has been aged in 3 stages.

First of all, Dos Maderas Luxus is a blend of two English-style rums aged for 10 years at their production site in the Caribbean. One comes from Barbados and brings sweetness, the other from Guyana and brings fuller notes.
The casks are then sent to the south of Spain to Williams & Humbert's cellars to be blended and aged for another 5 years in casks that previously contained Don Guido, a Pedro Ximenez over 20 years old.

The difference with its younger brother Dos Maderas PX 5+5 lies in the fact that it has been aged for 10 years in the Caribbean instead of 5, and that the last 5 years spent in Andalusia were spent in a cask that contained a Pedro Ximenez Don Guido that was over 20 years old.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is a deep, dark amber.

On the nose, this is a rather unusual rum. It offers us very gourmet aromas: almond, milk chocolate, light cocoa, caramel and a hint of orange and aromatic herbs. Really an atypical and interesting profile.

On the palate, the attack is soft and offers little texture. There is mainly caramel, a light pepper, but also orange, leather notes and a hint of menthol. We remain on the originality.

The finish is medium long with roasted notes of cocoa and caramel. Finally, notes of prunes complete its profile.

"A rum that surprised me with its rarely encountered aromas..."

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  1. Jennifee Corchia


  2. Axelle Maurel

    Very good rum, easy and pleasant, not too sweet or too dry

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