Dzama Cuvée Noire Prestige 40°.

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Sweet spices - Pastry chef - Round


Rhum - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse

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Dzama Cuvée Noire Prestige 40° : Description and customer reviews

Dzama Cuvée Noire Prestige is a blend of rums from Ambilobé and Namakia, two distilleries located in the North-East of Madagascar.

This is a region that is particularly dense with vanilla plants. The roots of the sugar cane intermingle with those of the vanilla plant, giving this rum particularly intense vanilla flavours.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is soft and caramelised, evoking vanilla biscuits. As in a well-buttered cake, the aromas nestle in a comfortable and greedy roundness. Aeration rids the rum of its lighter alcohol notes, the vanilla then escapes with them. What remains is the milk jam, the cream glaze and the candy sugar.

The palate remains in exactly the same register, but with a little more spice. The buttered biscuit is sprinkled with sweet pepper and a hint of aniseed. The alcohol tickles and shakes the taste buds a bit, but the vanilla calms it all down very quickly.

The finish is sweet and a little flowery. A little cherry/vanilla sweetness comes in at the very last moment.

"A very biscuity, round and greedy profile, a rum for snacking..."

10 opinion

  1. Guillaume Henri

    Excellent, I recommend

  2. Lauretta Ramanantsoa

    I would have preferred to have a miniature for the bottle.

  3. joel lopez

    Very good product I love this rum


    Quite soft, very pleasant

  5. kevin belatreche

    very good amber rum. the vanilla dominates it's top


    Nice discovery


    A nugget too. The best in the Indian Ocean.

  8. Ms Christine Lacome

    A very appreciable rum in taste, very sweet (vanilla)

  9. Mr GALLOIS Jimmy

    Perfect for tasting

  10. Dolinski Zbigniew

    One of the least good of the 8 rums I tasted today.

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