Dzama Maki Amber 37.5°.

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Rafia case


Wood - Fruit - Round - Roasting


Rhum - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse

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Dzama Maki Amber 37,5° : Description and customer reviews

Dzama Maki Ambré is a molasses rum from Madagascar.

After blending rums from several distilleries on the island, it spent one year in oak barrels.

The Vidzar company has packaged it in this pretty red raffia bottle

It is a light rum that is mainly used to make tasty cocktails.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose opens up with a nougatine with well roasted nuts and even roasted like a coffee. The well-burnt oak barrel has undoubtedly left its mark on this young rum. The orange peels were also burnt, as was the coconut. The cigar was left in a corner by the fire until it was almost completely consumed and its ash settled like a large caterpillar.

The palate is very smooth, with flavours as roasted as the nose suggests. The well-cooked caramel coats a flambéed banana, while the muscovado sugar is just starting to cook. The rum core is light, and the sugar sensation is quite fine. The roasted nuts add some substance and grain.

The finish continues with caramelised pecans and vanilla.

"A young vanilla and caramelised rum, with a hint of nuts..."

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  1. Lauretta Ramanantsoa

    Fast shipping and neat package

  2. Bordeaux29

    Good pickings! This dzama demands to be savoured 😉

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